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Weekly Round-Up #108: How To Work From Home, You Don't Have To Be Perfect And Is Your Boss Bad?

Weekly Round-Up 108: How To Work From Home, You Don't Have To Be Perfect And Is Your Boss Bad?

Weekly Round-Up #108: How To Work From Home, You Don't Have To Be Perfect And Is Your Boss Bad?

Welcome to this week’s round-up where we take a look at all things productivity. This week we look at the importance of Emotional Intellegence in relationships with yourself and others, how you can be Beyonce and whether you’ll be able to live without your tech for three weeks.

9 Essential Brain Hacks For Building Motivation You Must Know – Lifehack

Sometimes it’s difficult to feel motivated and want to do… well, anything. This post gives you 9 simple tips that can help you improve you general outlook and get you on the road to getting things done.

Emotional Intelligence: The Social Skills You Weren’t Taught in School – Lifehacker

I know some really intellegent people (and I mean like Rocket Science Intellegence) but put them in a room full of people and they just fall to pieces. This post shows that intellegence isn’t just about your I.Q, it’s about your E.Q also

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect: 6 Ways to Let Go – Daily Worth

The 8 Signs Of A Bad Leader – Bernard Marr

Do you have a bad boss? Maybe you’re unsure that their management is actually bad and you want to make sure it’s not your annoying co-worker. This article gives you 8 warning signs to look for in a ban manager.

I’d also like to propose a ninth sign: Lack of follow-up. Don’t promise you’ll speak to someone, sort something out, give a review, work on a pay rise if you have no intention of following through with it. Be honest – let us know you don’t have the time or we’re not eligible or you’re scared of the other employee! Honesty is the best policy.

Hat Tip: Entrepreneur

A psychologist explains how successful people do more in a day than others do in a week – Business Insider

“You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyonce.” How many times have you heard that phrase? Beyonce also has a bunch of assistants so it’s not really a fair comparison but putting my jealousy aside, this post does cover some good tips on how to get mroe stuff done.

Tried And Tested: What A Three-Week Digital Detox Course Taught Me About My Technology Addiction – Huffington Post Lifestyle

Could you step away from your phone and internet for 3 weeks? I’d like to think I could but I severely doubt it! I could certainly give up telephones but I don’t think I could live without email so much. Read this article to see what a full-on digital detox is like!

7 Simple Micro Habits for Success – Pick The Brain

Sometimes you feel like you have to shift the Earth in order to make a change in your lifestyle and sometimes the smallest revision can make the biggest difference.

6 Best Practices for Working From Home – Entrepreneur

I loved it when I was able to work from home at one of my previous jobs (usually only on snow days though – boo!) and I always felf I was far more productive when I wasn’t in the office. When I worked from home full time things changed slightly and I did slack so check out these great “rules” for being productive when you’re working from your home office.

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