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Weekly Round Up #1 – Email, Home Hacks and Ataris

Weekly Round-Up - Cowboy Lassoing Text

Weekly Round Up #1 – Email, Home Hacks and Ataris

Here’s the first weekly round up of productivity, motivation and app news for you to peruse over the weekend. Enjoy!

Some tips for completing resolutions –

Here are some handy tips for those of you who have made some resolutions this year. Personally, I don’t make resolutions at New Year, I find a time that I feel is suitable for me as is referenced in this Times Of Malta article.

I think there’s just too much pressure with making a goal at New Year, for some reason people seem to feel the right to ask about (and judge) your resolutions. I think this is why I successfully quit smoking by starting in August, and detoxed from alcohol for a month in October rather than being forced into the “I must do it in January” Concept. However, that being said, if you have made resolutions, I hope you stick with them and good luck – check out this article at BidnessETC for some websites to help you keep your resolutions  or BrainBlogger for some Psychological tips.

Workers consider Email (and the Internet) the most important Productivity Tool – Sky News Australia

I find this surprising. Most people are now struggling with email and longing to get to “inbox zero”. Also, companies that have instituted “No Email Days” report a better workplace environment and happier workforce. I personally prefer a text message or Instant Message, maybe because you’re limited to the amount of text you can comfortably type so you need to be brief and to the point. But, if you’re tied to email then has some advice on how “… the genius way Coca-Cola employees manage their email.”

Finally! You Can… Be On Time – Yahoo Health

I’m always late. It’s a well known fact amongst all of my friends that no matter how hard I try I will be 5 minutes late for everything, even if I leave an hour early. They’ve grown to accept it’s one of my “things” but I really should do something about and this article is a good place to start.

Protect your Mobile Phone in the New Year

If you’ve got a new phone for Christmas, check out these tips to get you started. – 12 tips on how to protect your phone – Ten tips to protect your iPhone

Also, check out these 16 essential apps for your iPhone or Android phone from

Improve Productivity and Wellbeing with 15-Minute Naps – Health Positive

I’ve tried napping but seem to end up feeling worse that I did before. This article though stresses that you don’t need to fall asleep in order to feel the benefits. However, I’m not sure how supportive of you napping at your desk your boss may actually be!

34 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Entire Life – Buzzfeed

There are some useful hints amongst this list, but I’m not sure about Number 3 – does anyone actually have a T.V that size any more?

Atari Breakout

Finally, a little light entertainment for the office. Google Image Search “Atari breakout”, click on play and be taken back to your youth. You may want to turn the volume down though if you don’t want to get caught playing!

Have a great weekend

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