Weekly Review Mindmap/Graphical version

Weekly Review Mindmap/Graphical version

Gary Slinger’s put up an excellent example of a Weekly Review mindmap which has really clarified to me what you should be looking for when you complete your review.

I think I might go and make myself one of those… oooh, pretty cheeky tongue

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    “Very cool. This is going to be a big help for my weekly reviews, too.
    Thanks for posting it!

    As an aside…on your captcha, it would be very hard for a blind or
    colorblind person to leave you a comment. About 5% of all men and women
    are colorblind and are unable to differentiate between red and green.

    Obviously, if you’re blind and using a text-to-speech aide to surf the
    web, you wouldn’t be able to navigate this captcha (or almost any
    captcha) at all.

    >From an accessibility standpoint, may I recommend that you include, ON
    THE PAGE WHERE YOU POST A COMMENT, a means for these individuals to
    contact you to post their comments in a way that doesn’t involve a
    visual checkpoint? I can see that they can email you if they have
    problems after hitting the “”submit”” button, but I would think that most
    would give up before even entering a comment if they don’t see the link
    for problems on the comment entry page. (If your letters didn’t show up
    for some reason, I wouldn’t have tried to enter a random color and
    submit just to see if I guessed correctly and/or the problem email link
    just happened to be on the next page).

    Alternately, you could have the captcha be text-based, like a paragraph
    of text following a statement asking someone to identify the third word
    of the paragraph. You could make this as dynamic as you wanted with a
    little scripting, or just keep it static and revolve the text and the
    keyword to validate the comment on a regular basis.

    Just some suggestions to try to help keep the web accessible for those
    with some form of visual impairment.

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