Website Review: The Cranking Widgets Blog

Website Review: The Cranking Widgets Blog

Brett Kelly over at The Cranking Widgets blog is running a “competition” to win $50 for the best review of his website. Being the shameless miser that I am, I thought I’d give it a go as I could really do with some beer money at the moment!

The Cranking Widgets Blog (so called because GTD is all about breaking projects down into smaller parts – or widgets as Brett calls them) is about about GTD, Productivity and all manner of Lifehacks. Unlike a lot of GTD blogs, Kelly doesn’t just concentrate on only Hi-Fi or Low-Fi solutions but covers anything that will make our lives simpler.

I’ve been reading the blog since it started around 7 months ago and have picked up a fair few hints and tips from Kelly’s posts such as “How to Make a GTD System for About $20” and the “GTD Masters Interviews” series where Brett interviews some of the hottest GTD’ers on the web.

Whilst the posting rate has been a little slower lately thanks to the arrival of Kelly’s new daughter, the archives hold a wealth of information (I’d recommend checking out “Prepare to Be Very Jealous of My Killer GTD Setup” and “The Mind of GTD: Recognizing Leaks in the System” for starters) and in general the overall posting rate isn’t so heavy that you’ll get snowed under beneath a pile of irrelevant posts.

My one complaint is that the text on the website is slightly too small for me (or maybe I need my eyes checked?!) but as I mainly read the posts via RSS (full feed as well, yeay!) it isn’t too much of an issue for me.

So if you’re into GTD, thinking of getting into GTD or just after a bit of a light read (Law and Order drinking game anyone?!) hop on over and visit Brett at the Cranking Widgets blog and check out what you’re missing.

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