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Travel Planning For Large Groups

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If you are involved in the running of any kind of team sports, social group, or class, then you will appreciate how great a trip away with the group can be. Taking an excursion can be an opportunity to go and explore a new place together, take in some new culture, and engage in activities relating to the organization that you are part of. A trip away can be an excellent team-building exercise. People will get to know each other much better and can bond over an amazing shared experience.

But, if you are the person who has to organize a trip such as this it can be a headache. Whether it is a trip to New York, or somewhere much closer to home such as booking a cottage with Newquay stays; there is still a lot of work that will need to go into sorting everything out.

Booking Everything

When it comes to booking everything, give yourself plenty of time to research all of the various options. You will need to work out what the most cost-effective form of transport will be, considering there may be a large number of you. You may need to hire a coach for some of it and then rely on trains, boats, or planes for the rest. Get quotes from all of the different options. See if there are options for group bookings.

The same will apply to your accommodation. Places may have booked up if you don’t get there in time, and if you need rooms and beds for a large number of travellers, then you should get in early. Compare prices between all of the various hostels and hotels, and again phone up and ask for a discount.

Paying For The Trip

A trip that costs too much to the individuals travelling may be off-putting. Keeping the costs down should be your number one goal, and then finding ways to subsidise the trip should be next on your agenda.

If your organization takes subs throughout the year, you may be able to use some of this money towards the trip. Failing that, you could start a fundraising page online and seek out donations from supporters.

Safety In Numbers

As a group leader, you will have responsibility for the safety of the people who are travelling with you. If you have children in your party, then you will need to have parental permission in place, as well as safeguarding policies, and everyone who is helping out on the trip should have a full background check run.

For everyone travelling, make sure and get important information such as passport details and emergency contacts. Carry out a risk assessment and think about everything that you would do in an emergency situation. Planning for the worst is vital. And you should also have appropriate insurance in place too.

Create An Itinerary

When you are dealing with a large group of people you will need to stick to timings and have a full plan of where you are going and when. Create an itinerary and give it to anyone who is travelling with the group.

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