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Transform Your Bedroom Into A Paradise

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Paradise

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Paradise

Even if you feel that no one ever pays attention to it, your bedroom represents your style and should feel like a place where you want to relax. It isn’t a big deal to transform your ordinary bedroom into a tranquil space. With that in mind, we came up with 9 bedroom ideas to give your bedroom a makeover you always wanted.

1.  Rearrange the furniture

While you may think you have enough space in your room, shifting a few pieces here and there can open up a confined space. It costs absolutely nothing so you don’t have to worry about spending money and at the same time, it gives your bedroom an entirely new look.

2. Clean up the clutter

This idea needs just a little effort and time, nothing else. You tend to collect clutter in your room for no reason at all, it’s high time you throw out all the unnecessary stuff that has been piling up since forever. In case you’re short on space, put all the clutter in plastic bins and shove them in the closet.

3. Update Bedding

Duvet cover or shams will completely change your outdated bedroom design. Go for trendy bed linens as a jumping-off point to revitalize your bedroom. Pick a style that suits your personality the best.

4. Accent Pillows

Accent Pillows are in trend and you better have them in your bedroom. Accent pillows with a pop of color is a perfect idea for giving your bedroom a makeover. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Nicely arranged pillows on the bed gives a sense of comfort but having too many of them can make it look like a disaster. Divide your bed pillows into two sets. Throw in two or three square, bolster pillows as an accent, you’ll have the perfect amount. If you’re a hoarder of cushions, you can easily get cute cushion cover online.

5. Make your bedroom green

Having a few beautiful plants in your room can give a completely different look to your room. Plants are the best choice to create a tranquil mood in the bedroom. If you’re running short on money to have potted plants, you can go for fresh flowers or tabletop. It will provide the same effect. Contact your nearby nursery for plant suggestions depending upon the amount of natural sunlight your room gets in a day.

6. Change the curtains

Get rid of your old and monotonous curtains. Add a layer of smooth fabric to your windows. Sheer curtains give a light and pleasant feel during summer, on the other hand, heavier curtains like velvet keep you warm in cold winter nights. Don’t have the budget for full-length curtains? Add a valance topper create texture and make the hard lines of your windows soft.

7. Create comfort with rugs

It doesn’t matter if your bedroom has tile, wooden floors or carpet, area rugs are the perfect way to give your space a warm and cozy feel. Another advantage of adding rugs in your room is that they add color and visual interest. Here’s one tip to remember while choosing a rug: Make sure it’s wide enough to place under the bed and still be visible around the perimeter. A rug that’s too small rug happens to become invisible if there’s no connection to furniture.

8. Wake up with a cute alarm clock

Here’s an easy idea to perk up your nightstand. The best way to complete your bedroom makeover is by getting a new (cute obviously) alarm clock. If you’re not a big fan of buzzing sound, there are tons of clocks that gently wake you up with the soothing sound of nature. Not sure what to wear today? Don’t worry! There are alarm clocks that give daily weather forecasts. Get an alarm clock that suits your bedroom decor.

9. Bedside Lighting

Modern bedside lighting is all about clean lines and bare necessities. If you identify with simplicity then minimalist lighting is all you need. Create a pleasant mood with subtle bedside lighting or you can go for functional sconces that provide the right amount of light to read in bed. Use dimmer switches to adjust light according to your needs.

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