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Top 5 Ways To Find Relief From Sensitive Teeth And Gums

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Top 5 Ways To Find Relief From Sensitive Teeth And Gums Staff
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Have you ever found yourself wincing from a sudden pain in your teeth after ingesting food/drink that is hot or cold? If it occurred just one time, there is likely nothing to be concerned about, but if you notice such a tendency repeating, it may be time to consider that your teeth/gums have become more sensitive. The recommended thing to do in this situation is to visit a cosmetic dentist and get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. They should be able to get to the root of the issue and find the best solution suited to your case. In the meantime, you can check out some tips for finding relief below.

1. Change your brushing habits

When it comes to teeth, their sensitivity is mostly affected by the thickness of the enamel. This is a top layer of the teeth protecting against damage caused by liquids or gases that enter the mouth. When the layer wears out, the tooth nerve endings get less protection against high or low temperatures, acidic liquids, and brittle food. To shield nerve endings and gums while your teeth are in this sensitive state, you can opt for desensitising toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. It can also help to apply a softer touch when brushing teeth.

2. Limit your junk food intake

Sweet foods are delicious, but they are the worst enemy of a healthy enamel layer. Candy and other high-sugar foods strip away the enamel layer, and the same can be said for sodas and sweet soft drinks. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you should not have to eliminate sweet food from your diet, but changing your intake from the level of a daily necessity to that of a guilty pleasure can go a long way towards strengthening your teeth enamel.

3. Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are best known for their use in sports like boxing and wrestling, but their range of application is much wider, and also extends to dental care. A dental mouth guard is a removable item emulating the form of your upper or lower teeth. When applied, it prevents your teeth from grinding during sleep and stabilizes your jaw joints. The main risk factor is grinding, which damages your teeth through mechanical wear and can increase sensitivity.

4. Fillings

When cavities form in a tooth (through grinding, disease, other causes), the root of the tooth can become exposed, and thus susceptible to damage from all of the things contributing to sensitivity. If your dentist suggests a dental implants treatment in Woodbridge option, you can apply fillings to your teeth and cover the space where the root is vulnerable.

5.Natural Remedies

There are a variety of natural remedies and relief products for sensitive teeth. Some have limited effectiveness and do not work for everybody, but you can try different products to find something that works for you. For example, applying gel from guava leaves and cloves has become popular over the past years. Furthermore, you can reduce inflammation to your gums by rinsing and gargling with a salt water solution twice a day.

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