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Top 10 Tech Careers To Consider

Top 10 Tech Careers To Consider

Top 10 Tech Careers To Consider

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One of the tricky questions for modern working generations makes them wonder – if their job leads them to prosperous future or their skills are not going to meet demands. Technologies develop fast, still, it is hard but possible to catch them. So, you do right when reading this review of the top 10 tech careers to consider. Tech jobs make money and progress, and it is a good choice to join the course of those who set future trends for people’s lives.

New job positions in IT mean some things – there are huge steps in IT sphere organization and development, from service support to business management. We witness appearing of an unknown before demanding on IoT architects, lawyers for AI, etc. It technologies reshape, like everything in the modern world, including our future of studying. What career should I pursue? Here we gathered up-to-date and prospect careers for IT sphere for you to outline the most attractive.

1. Cyber Security Engineer

Fast development and penetration of technologies in our life create a reasonable concern about its security. Business leaders are expected to reassess the value of such a specialist as cybersecurity engineer. A person has a big responsibility for products and services safety, and the position has a huge upswing because of emphasis on organizational safety.

2. Cloud Engineer

The specialist carries out such processes as designing, planning and managing for cloud computing. From its name, it’s possible to conclude the area of working for the engineer. Moreover, a good cloud engineer on board should increase the existing cloud technologies of a company. With designing new environments skill sets of cloud engineer now in demand more than it was last 2018 year.

3. DevOps Engineer

Future is already here with such bunch of specialists, which are skillful in everything at once, like DevOps engineer. Companies chase for the engineer for decreasing of deployment failures, scripting, and processing development. Modern programming jobs and specialist share one common feature – they are multifunctional. DevOps engineer should manage IT structure, oversee software testing and watch its performance after release.

4. AI Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a developing and sought-after area where specialists can maximize the potential of technologies based on artificial intelligence. Companies are also starting to invest more and more in the development of a set of new AI functions, especially those that meet the needs of machine learning.

5. Full-stack Developer

One more specialist who can boast of having a good set of technology skills on a resume. A full-stack developer has necessary knowledge on every level of a development process. This working knowledge includes key principles of development and ability to meet business requirements. You can read more about the skills and technical background of the specialist.

6. Database Developer

The specialist manages database architecture and develops new servers. Using SQL-code a developer should develop database systems on off front-end-user requirements. Most in demand programming languages and technologies for a developer are Hadoop, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services and PHP.

7. Data Scientist

Data science, like software, requires quality control. The need for scientists is increasing along with the need for quality assurance since the data obtained will be further used in business and financial spheres. Meanwhile a data engineer helps on the technical side and building data pipelines.

8. IoT Specialist

An IoT specialist is skillful in such IoT disciplines: edge and cloud analytics, enterprise integration, devices, platforms, connectivity, and development. The hiring of such a professional keeps a company on top of trends of IoT technology.

9. AI Lawyer

This person is equally a technical specialist, and an expert in jurisprudence. As people increasingly interact with AI systems, it’s time to think about the legal side of this area.


This tech talent pool is finished by the largest scale of professionals in the IT world. Developers of all spheres have been needed now and in the future. They take on themselves designing, testing and maintaining of particular systems. Obtaining necessary for a web, software or mobile developer skills you make lives of recruiters easier which are exhausted to wonder “where to hire developers?”. It is high time to occupy the prospective niche among other modern tech careers.

What background is the best for getting into IT?

The best background is your experience. More a person code, more he or she is able to provide for a company. Knowing basic HTML helps to start, then obtaining knowledge in Python and JavaScript adds you more points, so you become more needed. It is not a necessity to have a degree in IT, still preferable, but there are plenty of online and offline courses, which are narrowly specialized for any branch of IT. The best background of good specialists is his achievements and skills in IT sphere.

Bottom Line

We enumerated some of cutting edge careers but there are plenty of them and they are versatile. Appearing of new working places comes with new technologies, so being up-to-date puts you in the first row of those, who can develop these modern specialties and spheres.

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