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The Subconscious Way To Success

The Subconscious Way To Success

The Subconscious Way To Success

The subconscious mind often doesn’t get a lot of credit for what it does, because well, it’s subconscious. Just because we don’t have direct control over it, doesn’t mean that we can’t program it to help us achieve what we need.

Find a suitable place to think

The first step is to find a place you can really think. This is usually a quiet, comfortable place such as a bedroom where you won’t be disturbed. Really, it can be anywhere as long as you are peaceful and can lose yourself in your thoughts.

Once you have found your quiet place you need to decide exactly what it is that you want from your subconscious. It can be beneficial to write it down and don’t be surprised if you don’t know straight away. “Think about how you could better succeed, and you will be led to what you want. This could be anything from being more confident to learning something new,” says Charles Gonzales, entrepreneur and writer for Last MInute Writing and Researchpapersuk.

Visualise your goals

You will need to visualise your request to your subconscious, picture how you want things to happen so that your subconscious can learn that that’s the way you want things done. Try to picture it in as much detail as you can, imagine your confidence, form the details of your project in your mind and concentrate on it. Go through the steps which are required to achieve your goal one at a time, the better you know these, the more achievable they become.

Take it step by step

Set yourself small easily achievable targets, something that you can complete every day that will ultimately bring you closer to your goal. Each of these steps is a victory as they are completed and will provide you with momentum. Every day you will need to remind yourself of your goal so that it is drilled into your head.

“With each step you take, hold your head high. Acting confident about what you’re doing well help you to become really confident. You’ll reinforce those good feelings you get when you make an achievement and do what you set out to do. It’s important to see that with each step you take your goal is getting closer,” adds Rodrick Williams, motivational speaker and regular contributor to Draftbeyond and Writinity.

Reward yourself for your hard work

Next you need to prepare yourself a reward. If you achieve your goal you will feel incredible, imagine how happy you will be, prepare physical rewards too such as a glass of wine or a meal out to celebrate. Having rewards to look forward to will help your brain be more motivated to perform how you want it to. Just make sure the rewards are immediately achievable, don’t promise yourself a promotion if that isn’t going to happen immediately for example. Achievable rewards will also help you to repeat the process easier in the future.

Sleep on it

Sleep is the best time to allow our subconscious mind time to process the day. So, before you go to bed remind yourself. What steps have you achieved today? What progress have you made towards your goal? And most importantly remind yourself of the goal and how you’re getting there. This process will help to cement it in your mind before you sleep and your subconscious takes over.

When you do achieve your goal allow yourself to feel the success. Enjoy the moment, take pride in your accomplishments and make sure you carry out the rewards your promised yourself. While your subconscious can be responsible for feelings of anxiety and stress as it overthinks things, we can also program it to help support us and help us succeed. Take control and use your subconscious to achieve your goals.

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