The Most Promising Tools for Negotiations


It’s all well and good being able to charm the birds out of the trees with what you say and how you say it but it will come to a point where you will have to back your words up with data – be that in the form of spreadsheets or graphics. In this Guest Post Tom Jager takes a look at some tools that can help you with your dealings with colleagues.

The Most Promising Tools for Negotiations
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Negotiating your way into success requires several skills such as persistence, wisdom, strategy skills, etc. However, no matter how good you are at negotiation, you will always need additional tools which can help you with preparing, presenting and negotiating a business deal.

The tools presented in this article will not only make your work easier but more interesting and you will enjoy the whole process of negotiation once you learn how to use them.

Negotiation Planner – ask yourself the right question

In order to have successful business negotiations, you will need to prepare thoroughly and there is no better way to do it but to have a checklist that asks key questions. Once you go through all of them and answer them, you may consider yourself prepared. Therefore, Negotiation Planner is a website which has many options, one of which is such a checklist.


Zoomerang – surveys for everyone

If you need to conduct a survey of any kind in order to research data and prepare them for your presentation during negotiations, Zoomerang will help you a lot. The website offers several premium plans, each having certain benefits for you as the user. Therefore, if you use surveys a lot for the research, I strongly suggest using one of their premium plans.

iMindQ – software for mind mapping

Mind mapping is a technique for brainstorming in which you start from general ideas and break them down into smaller ideas on paper, thus figuring out your thought processes and what is interesting for you to talk about. Luckily, there is even software for such an activity and it is called iMindQ. iMindQ will help you organize your thoughts perfectly.

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Tableau Public – the best tool for data visualization

To put it simply, all your data needs to be represented somehow and there is no better software for it than Tableau Public. This tool will provide hundreds of designs for charts, pies, etc., each of them being engaging and possibly interactive. This will certainly help you with your data presentation during negotiations.

Prezi – interactive presentations

Prezi is a website which makes it super-simple to make very interesting presentations. They are far more interesting and captivating than, for example, Power Point. Prezi also has a lot more options than Power Point and is considered to be the next generation of presentation making software.

Write My Essays For Me – written content done perfectly

Write My Essays For Me is actually not software but rather a website that has a team of professional content writers and editors. Therefore, if you need any kind of assistance in writing, editing, proofreading or checking your writing in general, Royal-Essays will do it for you. You do not want to embarrass yourself with bad content when presenting during negotiations.

RescueTime – keep track of your activities

RescueTime is the universal time management software, enabling its users not only to track the time needed for their activities but also to plan their time accordingly. For example, it can tell you how much time you spend on social media or other websites. If you have problems keeping track of your activities, I strongly recommend RescueTime.

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GoalsOnTrack – set the goals and get help achieving them

The website named GoalsOnTrack will let you keep track of your goals and what you do in order to achieve them. This piece of software is particularly useful if you have many goals set for the incoming negotiations and you want to plan them and see your progress on them. GoalsOnTrack can also be used for many other goal-oriented jobs and hobbies.

Magisto – make professional videos

Magisto will help you in making and editing videos which may seem professional, but in fact you do not need to possess any knowledge in video-creation in order to prepare the video for your negotiation. Everything is basically done via numerous templates and options which basically do the whole work for you.

To sum up, a successful negotiator does not only rely on his knowledge nowadays. Instead, they always find something more in order to enhance not only their negotiation skills but their skills in the particular business in general. Therefore, if you think that you need to prepare better for the upcoming negotiations, feel free to use the tools mentioned above.

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