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The 5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee From A French Press

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The 5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee From A French Press Staff
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A French press isn’t just a cool way to make coffee; it also gives you access to some amazing health benefits! Here are five of the biggest health benefits of drinking coffee from a French press, along with some simple guidelines to get the most out of your morning cup of joe.

1. French Press Coffee Requires Less Acidity

When you make coffee with an automatic drip, you end up with very acidic and bitter flavors. But when you press your coffee grounds down, there’s more contact time between your coffee and water—so you get less acidity in your final cup. In fact, many people prefer to drink their coffee black so they can avoid bitter flavors. The longer brewing process also means that you have more control over how strong or weak your coffee is. And if you want it even stronger, just keep pressing! The flavor will continue to develop as long as there is still liquid in your pot.

2. A French Press Can Be Reused, Saving You Money

You may have heard that a French press (non-US readers shop here) can brew coffee with better flavor than other methods, but did you know it can also save you money? Using a French press allows you to refill your carafe again and again and avoid throwing away old, unused grounds. This method also cuts down on waste. The result: Your wallet will thank you while your taste buds will thank you too! That’s what we call a win-win situation.

3. French presses give you more control over your coffee

When you drink coffee from a press, you have more control over its taste and strength. This comes in handy if you want to change things up; maybe one day you want your coffee to be on the weaker side so that it pairs well with breakfast, and another day it’s your morning workout companion, so it needs some extra oomph. It also comes in useful if one day you need an extra jolt but don’t want to add any cream or sugar. With a press, you can do all of these things—and even take your time doing them! No running out for milk while your coffee is percolating. No stressing about how much sugar to put in while there are still grounds at the bottom of your cup.

4. French Presses Brew The Coffee At Lower Temperatures

French presses brew coffee at a lower temperature than your typical drip coffeemaker. According to studies, high temperatures can damage beneficial acids and fats in coffee that help promote health. That’s one reason why French press is considered one of the healthier ways to make coffee. Other studies show that low-temperature brewing helps keep more caffeine in your cup.

5. French Presses Have Their Own Unique Flavor

The taste of coffee is affected by many factors, including water quality, brewing time and temperature, and even storage. The taste is also affected by what kind of grinder you use to grind your beans and how you store your coffee after grinding. So, when it comes to all these variables that can affect flavor and quality, why do so many people prefer french presses? To get at why french press aficionados love their coffee, check out our post on

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