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Technical SEO Checklist For SEO Professionals

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Technical SEO Checklist For SEO Professionals Staff
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Technical SEO seems quite scary for some because it involves a wide range of critical technical aspects that sometimes only a professional person can understand and action. However, it must be noted that technical SEO is not at all mysterious or scary! Instead, it helps a website to achieve high rankings in search engine results so you can be found by your customers or target audience.

So whether you’re looking to carry out SEO yourself or hire the best SEO company you can afford, let’s take a look and understand some vital technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization.


Since more and more traffic of a website comes from mobile devices, it makes sense to create a mobile-friendly website. Indeed, a mobile-first approach is one of the best ways to make a website competitive as well as practical for users.

You can check your website by using Google’s Mobile-friendly tool, which is free to use and improve your understanding of the aspects of mobile-friendliness. Indeed, you can see and analyze the errors of your website by using these tools. In this way, you can fix those issues and make your site mobile-friendly.

Broken links

A lot of websites have 404 errors, and website owners are often unaware of this fact. That is why it is advisable to identify 404 errors, which means dead/broken, and remove them from the website.

For some, it can be quite tricky to find broken links, but you can use a wide range of free tools to identify 404 errors and make your website error-free. You can use “Screaming frog,” broken link checker, and many other tools to locate and remove 404 errors. All such devices are active and hassle-free to use. You can ask your developers to fix or remove such links and make your website technically sound.


It is not a new concept. Today, it is essential for a website to have an HTTPS certificate to make it safe for users. It also helps to gain authenticity, traffic, rankings as well as sales.

However, if your website is not having HTTPS, you need to purchase the SSL certificate and install it on your website. It is straightforward and does not require any specialized knowledge. But you need to update all the internal links and canonical URLs, to make your website safe and secure.

Duplicate content

Today, one of the essential things to achieve good rankings is to have fresh, factual, and original content on the website, otherwise search engines punish/penalize such sites. As a result, they fail to achieve high rankings as well as traffic. Hence, as an SEO expert, you need to pay close attention to the content of your website.

All you need to do is to use different duplicate content checkers to check whether your website’s content is fresh or copied. If it is copied, you need to hire an expert content strategist and writer to develop relevant and new content for your website. Put, and it will help your website to gain a competitive edge.

Of course, there are many elements when it comes to technical SEO, such as structured data, AMP pages, etc. You can acquire expertise, knowledge, and skillets to make your website more competitive as well as sound so that it can compete with its competitors.

The bottom line

The entire world of SEO is becoming more and more critical; that is why it makes to focus on technical aspects of SEO. Today, most of the companies have great expertise in handling technical aspects of SEO, so hire such companies. Atlanta SEO companies that offer excellent SEO services and can take your website to the next level.

If you have any more SEO tips please let us know in the comments below.

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