Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time


Health & Well-Being

August 14, 2020

Being diagnosed with cancer is scary; it stirs a lot of emotions and changes your life forever. You find yourself overwhelmed with questions like can it be treated? What are the chances that you will survive? How will your life be impacted? Can you … Read More »

Career Development

April 28, 2020

Have you always dreamt of starting your own company? Do you love the idea of creating something that you’re proud of and running your own show? It’s easy to think that your laptop and your home office isn’t enough to create an empire, but … Read More »

Life Hacks

October 15, 2019

When you work for yourself you have so many things that you need to juggle. We know that you want to spend your time just getting on with it and offering your best services and products to your customers, but there are those other … Read More »

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