Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time



March 21, 2019 by Kayla Matthews

You likely fall into one of two categories — either you enjoy listening to music as you work, or you find it distracting. Of course, it isn't that simple or binary, especially when you account for certain factors like the artist, genre, volume and … Read More »

Tech Gear

August 4, 2008 by Katy Whitton

I saw a pillow on The Gadget Show recently that was part of a mega prize package and it caught my eye. "Why are they giving away a pillow on a gadget show?" I thought to myself so I did a little Google and … Read More »


May 11, 2005 by Katy Whitton

Not that I’m codoning this method in any way, shape or form: In google, type the following into the search bar, replacing [Artist/Album here] with who you’re looking for: -inurl: (htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “[Artist/Album here]” It’s amazing … Read More »

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