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Serbian Orthodox Funerals: Traditions & Etiquette You Need To Know

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Serbian Orthodox Funerals: Traditions & Etiquette You Need To Know Staff
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It is not easy to come over the loss of a dear one. Orthodox funerals are a place that helps us confront the hardships every deceased family goes through. We understand the grief of arranging a funeral altogether.

Going through these hardships and arranging a funeral simultaneously is difficult, however, Serbian Orthodox Funerals ascertain some traditions and etiquettes.

This is a guide to arranging a Serbian Orthodox Funeral, helping you with the initial steps when your loved one is no more with you.

Contact Funeral Services

There are many Orthodox Funeral Services that work effectively to get the deceased transported directly to the mortuary.

Here, they get looked after in preparation for burial. They ensure to wash, bathe and dress the body per the Serbian Orthodox Funeral traditions. If the deceased needs to repatriate to Serbia, Croatia, or Herzegovina, there are mortuary specialists ready to conduct the embalming process.

Specializing in Orthodox Funeral Services makes you liable for funeral costs along with several inclusions and extras: flowers, casket, coffin, transportation, candles, memorials, etc.

A Burial Plot

Practicing burial is a traditional rule of Serbian Orthodox Funeral. It is one of the most recommended funeral options by the Serbians. In order to arrange the best funeral, a cemetery has to be located, and a grave or a burial site has to be purchased.

It’s for you to decide whether you need a church service or a graveside service, you can contact Serbian orthodox funerals in Sydney and visit their directory list for the best referrals. Directors easily arrange a preferable plot for you.

Organizing Church Service

If the deceased was baptized within the Serbian Orthodox Church, it is recommended to arrange a funeral service in the Church. A church priest or a local parish priest can hold the service.

If you don’t know any priest personally, you can always contact the directory list to make your work easy. For the church service, essential things are candles, wine, memorial books, and pictures.

Arranging For Repatriation Logistics

There are various funeral companies that are designed to examine the ones who have passed away and send them to their motherland. They have orthodox funeral offices and employees located across the world, including Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, etc.

While arranging for repatriation, they book flights and arrange proper transportation from the church to the airport. Experts in repatriation services arrange everything for the deceased’s family and make the process entirely stress-free.

Catering Services

The death of a loved one makes family members distressed. However, friends and relatives often attend the funeral of a dear one. This creates a zone for the deceased’s family to arrange food or catering services for the guests.

Usually, the food is prepared and served either at the hall or the graveside after the service is performed. There are various longstanding catering companies associated with Serbians. These catering companies are very well recommended, they offer tailored prices and specific menus for the needs.

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