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Self Storage, Small Furniture, And More: How To Make Room In A Small Bristol Home

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Self Storage, Small Furniture, And More: How To Make Room In A Small Bristol Home

Bristol is a city that’s seen rapid growth in recent years. As a result, the population has increased and so too have the property prices – but not everyone is able to afford these rising costs. Hence, people have resorted to various techniques such as moving into a smaller home.

Small homes might seem like the perfect solution for those who wish to save some more money. After all, living costs are much cheaper, the smaller the house you get. However, in reality, they often pose a bigger challenge than you’d think due to their lack of space. From having too little room to move around and store your stuff to the danger of claustrophobia, living in a small home comes with its downsides.

It’s time to face the facts: you’re going to need space-saving tips and ideas if you want your tiny house to be bearable. Today we’ll discuss some ways on how to make room in a small home!

Here are some of the most important rules to follow to make the most out of your small house:

Get Small Furniture

When it comes to your furniture, you will want to find small pieces to fit in your small home.

The items you purchase for your small home should take up minimal square footage, and they need to be functional as well! For example, if you have a reading nook or an office with limited floor space, slipper chairs or stools are great choices because they don’t take up much room.

However, finding small furniture can be difficult, especially because the term “small” is very subjective. Therefore, what is small for you could still be too big compared to the size of your home. This could also lead to you purchasing items that are too small to be comfortably used.

Fortunately, you could make it much easier to find the perfect pieces by taking measurements and identifying potential problem areas in the home. Once that is done, the process of finding the perfect furniture pieces will be quick, easy, and effective.

As an alternative, you may also look into foldable furniture pieces like chairs and tables, which you may stow away when not in use.

Utilise Your Walls And Ceiling

Using the walls and floors as storage is a great way to save on closet or garage space. The bonus is that you can still enjoy your living room furniture! Not only will this create more floor area, but it also provides an easy-to-access solution for storing items like blankets and pillows.

There are plenty of options for using your walls and ceiling area as storage. This could include installing shelves, racks, and hooks on which to hang clothes or various other things like hats and scarves.

You may also take advantage of vertical space by repositioning bookshelves on top of each other or purchasing shelving units with adjustable heights. This way, they won’t take up valuable ground-level storage but instead give extra room from above without sacrificing any floor area!

Aside from storage, though, there are various ways you can utilise your vertical space. For example, you may use it to mount appliances like your entertainment system and hang home decorations and lighting fixtures to help your place look more lively without taking up much floor space.

Consider Purchasing Multipurpose Furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage is always the best investment. It can be used for seating, and when not in use, it provides a space to store all your belongings. There are also plenty of multipurpose furniture items you could invest in, like bedside drawers that provide extra shelving or an ottoman with handy under-storage.

Aside from items that double as storage, you will also want to look into the possibility of using furniture pieces that, to put it simply, have more than one function. This includes a sofa bed and others like a full-length mirror that turns into an ironing table or a dining table that can also be turned into a desk.

It’s important to note, however, there is not one perfect furniture piece for every occasion, so make sure you have a general idea of what space-saving tips will work best in your home before making these decisions.

Make Use Of Bristol Self Storage For Non-Essential Items

When you have a small home, it can sometimes be challenging to know what to do with your non-essential items. This is where self storage in Bristol comes in handy!

Self storage allows you the freedom of getting exactly what storage space suits your needs and paying for just that amount of space. There are various sizes available, from mini locker units to larger-sized climate-controlled spaces perfect for storing fragile items like wooden furniture and electronics.

Regardless of what size you choose, self storage can be a helpful way to clear out your home’s clutter and make room in your house. Plus, they offer many different features and amenities, including the climate-control as mentioned above, and excellent security protocols, round-the-clock surveillance, and many more.

If you are worried about the cost of such, you don’t have to worry! Self storage prices are often computed based on your storage requirements and factors like size, location, and features availed. That means you can rest assured that you will only be charged accordingly by your chosen self storage company.

Evaluate The Needs Of Your Household

To make the best use of your space, it is essential to consider what you will need in your home and buy furniture accordingly. This includes thinking about whether or not you’ll have a spare room for guests as well as childrens’ bedrooms, playrooms or study rooms.

It could also be worth remembering that if you live with someone else who doesn’t contribute much time at home because they work all day then buying one bed instead of two may be more sensible so there’ll be enough living space during the evening hours when everyone’s back from their busy day.


The best way to make room in a small home is by decluttering.

An excellent place to start might be your wardrobe and drawers – you’ll probably find that half of the clothes you have do not fit or weren’t really what you wanted when they caught your eye but were bought anyway because they were on sale.

Once these clothing items have been given away, then there will likely be enough space for all of your other clothes, which means less clutter. This also goes for any furniture. If it’s not being used, just get rid of it! You can either sell them second hand or give them to charity shops who’ll reuse them again.

Try donating items that are still functional but just not being used, such as furniture or clothing. This will make room in your home without affecting any of its functionality. You may even find people who would love what you’re giving away!

If an item has sentimental value but doesn’t serve you its purpose anymore, try passing it on to someone else with the same attachment so both parties can enjoy them while getting rid of something they don’t need.

Lastly, you will also want to get rid of items that are either broken beyond repair, a duplicate of something you already have.

Make sure to declutter regularly. It’s especially important if you have children in the household because they’re more likely to accumulate physical clutter like toys and clothes over time, but it can be beneficial for adults too!

By following the steps above, you won’t have to worry about your personal space being cramped and invaded! Aside from having more than enough space to live and store stuff, you’ll also be able to live a clutter-free life, making it easier for you in the long run! Meanwhile, here is a good read on Using Minimalist Concepts To Improve Your Living Space.

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