Review: TUL.COM Online (comedy) Graphology Test

Review: TUL.COM Online (comedy) Graphology Test

I stumbled across a rather amusing website recently advertising TUL Pens. I must admit I’d not heard of them before but I am a bit of a pen fanatic so I thought I’d take a look.

TUL Pens

Basically, you write down the phrase “I truly need a new pen” and then answer a short series of questions on how you’ve written the sentance and certain letters.

It’s actually quite amuzing but I was hoping I’d need the TUL Gel Retractable rather than the Dry Erase Marker!

Have a look at the TUL website and see what your handwriting (allegedly!) says about you. Remember “With the TUL Pen there’s no wrong way to write”.

And make sure you check out the “What is Graphology?” video – true genius!

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