Recruiting Your First Pool Of Employees

Recruiting Your First Pool Of Employees


Is your business finally ready for growth and expansion? Hiring your first pool of employees is the first step. Here’s how. Read on.

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One of the best things about being a business owner is that you have complete control of every element of your work. You are entirely independent, with each process done according to you. But growing your business means expanding, and hiring an employee can change that dynamic you’ve set. Hiring an employee means learning to trust someone else to get the job done, in a way that will be up to standard.

While the prospect of doing these may sound intimidating, remember that the right employees have the ability to bring your business to heights, in ways you have never imagined. It opens up possibilities for your business, such as growing revenue, partaking in new directions, and even the simple but powerful effect of your loving and enjoying your work even more. To help you find employees that can best support you and your business, here are some tips to consider:

Whatever you do, do not rush

You’ve come this far. By now, you know that as with every single aspect of running a business, everything must be planned. If you are desperate to hire someone and decide to just hire the first candidate you ever see, it’s unlikely to get the right candidate. In fact, CareerBuilder Survey reports that one bad hire costs an average of $17,000 annually.


Instead of going full speed ahead, slow down and create a hiring plan. A hiring plan actually allows you to work methodically, as it helps you get to know your candidates beyond the paper. This will also help you determine whether you’re in need of help. Can you search for candidates alone, or will you need a staffing agency? Whatever the case, planning is always key.

What are your needs?

Determining the job description is one of the most crucial aspects of the hiring process. This phase is your chance to analyze what your business actually needs before having it formally written on paper. To do this, a little introspection is necessary: examine your strengths and weaknesses. From there, figure out how and why someone else needs to fill the gaps.

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Also, try to imagine what an employee’s day would be like and how their job would affect your own workload. Would hiring a freelance writer help your website grow. Would an administrative job help you with the necessary paperwork?

Understand and identify what’s truly important to your business

A great employee should have more than just the right set of skills. They need the right attitude, motivation, and a keen sense of learning. While it may seem like it is the right thing to hire the one with a colorful resume, a candidate with little to no experience yet could be the right fit. Why? They may be enthusiastic and eager to learn. The other one might be an expert, but what if they prove to be unreliable? It’s integral that you pay close attention to your business needs and opportunities.

Ask specific questions during job interviews

Go beyond the go-to questions such as, “Tell me more about yourself.” As a growing business, it is crucial to make your interview questions specific. At the same time, leave those questions open-ended. For instance, ask your candidates about projects that they have previously worked on. What did they like and dislike about each?

Such questions will help you determine the person’s strengths and weaknesses without asking directly. These questions will also allow you to get a glimpse of the work environment they are likely to thrive in, and if it would be a good fit to your own.

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Ensure that you do not have to hire often

When you’ve found the best, ensure that you retain them. Make them feel appreciated and heard. Moreover, make sure that their growth is part of your priority as an employer. There are plenty of ways to do this, which can manifest through employee perks and benefits.

Does your team need coffee in the morning to keep them up and going? Provide coffee! Do they need to attend seminars and training? Make it so! But, of course, ensure that these work for you as well. Just remember that employee loyalty is priceless, one that businesses can never produce.


Hiring your first pool of employees can be nerve-wracking, especially since it means that you’re handing your business over to people you’ve never met. It takes careful strategy and planning. While the tips above may be helpful, your venture can only be successful if you plan according to what’s best for you.

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