Project and Next Action Organisation

Project and Next Action Organisation

Project and Next Action Organisation

I’ve been using the Hipster PDA (A5 Edition) since Christmas and I find it much easier to use than electronic PDA or Outlook methods.

The one thing that has had me struggling is the Hipster’s way of orgainising projects with separate project and Next Action sheets. When I work on a project I like to be able to see all actions associated with that project.

Whilst I’ve been noting down the Next Actions for projects on the “Next Action Sheet”, it’s the nature of the work that I do (web development – argh!) that means the Next Action isn’t necessarily the exact Next Action. For me and my work, these are quite fluid and prone to change quite a bit therefore my NA sheet becomes a mess of actions and I don’t necessarily know what project they’re associated to (I know bad planning but I’m getting there – honest!)

So, I’ve developed my “Project/Next Action” Organiser which allows each project to be defined with all the relevant details attached, as well as the Next Actions associated with it. Therefore, everything is in one place and I don’t have to scrat around several lists until I find the correct project/action.

I bring you the “Project and Next Action Organiser” – comments welcome!

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