"Productive" Magazine Launched

"Productive" Magazine Launched

Yesterday (yes, I””m a bit slow on the uptake!) saw the launch of “Productive!” magazine, a magazine dedicated to… er… Productivity!

Brought to you by the creator of Nozbe, the magazine””s mission:

Productive Magazine is a platform where the top productivity bloggers will share their best productivity principles and tips”n”tricks. Let”s help everyone get more done and be more productive!

The bonus is the magazine”s a free download!

I”ve only had a chance to have a quick look through the magazine (some of us do have to work you know) but it looks really well done – it certainly wouldn””t be out of place on the shelves in my local newsagent – and there””s articles with many well known GTD gurus including >David Allen himself and Leo Balbauta of Zen habits.

So, if you””re into productivity (which I guess you must be if you read this blog!) then head on over to “Productive!” magazine and download your free copy.

Productive Magazine Cover

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