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Priority Posting, Reviews & Link Additions

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Priority Posting, Reviews & Link Additions

We are more than happy to promote products or services on Flipping Heck provided that they provide value to our readers and fit in with the content of the website. If you’re interested in having your content placed on please read the following requirements and then contact us using the website form

If you’re looking to publish an article that links to porn, gambling, CBD products, bodybuilding supplements, weight loss supplements or items that are illegal for sale in the UK/EU then I’m afraid we’re not the right website for you. 

Please Note That We Will Not Publish The Following:

  • Articles that contain links to casinos, gambling sites, escort services, porn, sex toys etc.
  • Articles that include NSFW links, anchor text or keywords – all content must be suitable for a wide ranging audience.
  • Articles that contain links to drugs or pharmaceuticals
  • Articles relating to vaping/smoking/e-cigarettes
  • Essay writing services, exam or course taking services
  • Articles that reference or link to CBD, cannabis, THC or tobacco products
  • Articles that contain links to payday loan providers, financial services or derived products unless the article is a fair and balanced review of available services and does not serve to advertise one client/product. For example, a post about student finance that links to various student credit cards would be acceptable, however a post that only linked to the one credit card would not.
  • Articles that contain links to fitness/wellbeing supplements, shakes, proteins that promote diet loss, fat burning or other health claims.
  • Anything that relates to procedures (medical or otherwise) that aren’t recommended by licensed professionals in the U.K/E.U
  • Articles that link to products that have not passed relevant E.U/U.K legislation showing it is safe for the use it is being advertised for.
  • Any product that promotes Multi-Level-Marketing or Pyramid selling or similar sales methods.
  • Articles that contain links to websites that aren’t related to the article content or the link text
  • Articles that are not relevant to my readers
  • Articles that contain factual inaccuracies, spelling errors or require a lot of editing.

Please don’t waste your time and ours by contacting us if you plan to link to any of these items as we won’t accept your article.

We also require that a disclaimer be present on each article (whether it’s a standard guest post or a priority post). This is placed at the bottom of the article, under the link to the featured image and an example can be seen below (note: we reserve the right to change the wording at any time):

Our advertising disclaimer text

Please note that this disclaimer will not be removed for any article.

Now, if you are happy with the above, read on!

Products, Reviews, Promotional Requests & Article Topics

Please note that in order to be considered for publication your proposed product or service will need to fit into one of the following categories that we cover here on

  • Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Self-Improvement
  • Wellbeing/Fitness
  • Workplace Relationships & Harmony
  • Personal Development
  • Small Business Tips
  • Personal and Company Finance Tips
  • Home Improvement

The above list isn’t exhaustive but should give you an idea of what we’re looking for in terms of articles. Please see the list of items I will not consider for publication under any circumstances.

Articles can refer to  apps, note taking tools, books, systems, time saving methodology etc.

We pride ourselves on our honesty so the following conditions will apply to any priority articles or reviews:

  • If we have received a product or access to a service for free in order to review it, this will be clearly stated within the article
  • If an article contains affiliate links these will be indicated
  • We reserve the right to add a “No Follow” attribute to a link depending on the destination and article content
  • Articles should be a minimum of 500 words long
  • Articles should be supplied in Word or Google Docs format, you understand that we reserve the right to reformat your article to fit in with the style of the blog, and edit your article if there are errors or omissions.
  • If the author supplies images they must ensure that any applicable licences are attained. Note that images may be modified to fit in with Flipping Heck’s design. The posts main featured image is displayed at 770px by 515px. The maximum width for a post image is 700px with no limit on height.
  • Author Byline: This can contain links to the author’s website and social media. Links in the bio text will be no-follow links but you will have do-follow links to your main website and social media URLS. Below is a sample author bio so you can see the links in place. Author Bio Links Explanation You may supply a headshot or logo for use with the byline, this will be displayed at 250px by 250px. Please note that your headshot must be a photo of you or representative of your logo or brand. Photos detected to be stock photos will be replaced with a generic icon. If you do not wish to supply an author bio then we can attribute your article to our staff account.

What Will We Need From You In Order To Discuss Your Proposal?

As we receive a lot of queries regarding priority content placement, it would be easier when you initially contact us to provide the following information which will speed up the process

  • What do you want us to do exactly (host a pre-written article, review a product, add a link etc.)?
  • How does this fit in with the content on our website?
  • How does this fit in and benefit with our readership?

It would also be beneficial to supply a link to a similar article so that I can see that quality of writing and type of links included.

What Are Priority Posts?

Priority posts are articles that jump the standard editorial calendar queue. You can either choose an exact publication date and time for a priority post or if you don’t have an exact date in mind, we can usually publish these within 48 hours of receipt. If you would like to consider a priority posting placement, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

Do You Allow Link Additions To Old Posts?

This is something we can certainly look at if the link adds extra value to our readers and is relevant to the content. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Do You Allow “Do Follow Links?”

If your post fulfils the publication criteria then you can have “do-follow” links within the article if they’re relevant. Please note that the anchor text of your link must fit in with the article content and not be considered as spammy or keyword stuffing. We may request that anchor text is changed if we feel it does not fit in.

The “Follow [Name] On bio links to website and social media accounts are also do-follow. Any links within the bio text itself will be no-follow links.

Due to the large volume of requests we receive if we deem your proposal to not meet any of the above guidelines then you may not receive a reply from us.

Note: once an article is published, we reserve the right to add, amend or remove links, content and images etc. in order to keep the article up-to-date and provide additional information.

Happy with what you’ve read? Contact us here and let’s talk about getting your content in front of’s readers

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