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People Are Returning To Work: What The Government Must Do

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People Are Returning To Work: What The Government Must Do Staff
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As people return to work, there are more people on the road. This means danger for motorists, as there are more opportunities for car accidents. In the Philippines, the leading cause of death is car accidents. In 2015, there were 12,000 reported car accidents, which resulted in 5,000 deaths. It is a significant increase from 2014, when there were 9,000 reported car accidents and 4,000 deaths.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed things, with most people working from home or being unemployed. The result was less traffic on the roads and fewer car accidents. However, car accidents are expected to increase as people return to work. It is why motorists need to be extra cautious when driving.

Here are some tips for motorist safety:

  1. Drive Defensively – Be aware of your surroundings and anticipate what other drivers might do.
  2. Obey The Speed Limit – Speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents.
  3. Don’t Tailgate – If you follow another driver too closely, you won’t have enough time to stop if they brake suddenly.
  4. Avoid Distractions – Don’t use your phone or eat while driving.
  5. Be Aware Of Weather Conditions – Wet roads can be dangerous, so slow down and take extra caution when driving in the rain.
  6. Check Your Vehicle – Before driving, make sure your tires get inflated correctly and that all your lights are working.
  7. Wear Your Seatbelt – This is one of the most important things you can do to stay safe while driving.
  8. Don’t Drink And Drive – Alcohol can cause you to struggle with judgment slows your reaction time, making you more likely to get into an accident.

However, motorists aren’t the only ones with the responsibility. The national government must also ensure the motoring public’s safety by implementing the necessary laws and regulations. Here are a few steps to consider.

Apply Road Markings and Speed Bumps

There are specific motorist safety rules, and most rely on clear road markings. After a few years, road markings tend to fade, making it more difficult for drivers to see them. The government must regularly check and repaint road markings to ensure they are visible.

Fortunately, you can find companies that provide thermoplastic for road markings. Those services can help the government save time and money by quickly and efficiently painting roads.

Another way to make the roads safer is by putting up speed bumps. Speed bumps are an effective way to slow down vehicles, especially in residential areas with many pedestrians. They should also be in strategic locations near schools or hospitals.

Yellow arrow road markings

Increase Traffic Reinforcement

As more people return to work, there will be an increase in traffic. The government must ensure that there is enough personnel to direct traffic. They can do this by increasing the number of traffic enforcers on the streets.

There should also be a visible law enforcement presence to deter motorists from breaking the law. Traffic cameras can also help by catching violators and issuing them citations. However, there should be a human presence to ensure that motorists follow the rules.

Improving Infrastructure

The government must also improve the country’s infrastructure to make the roads safer. It includes repairing potholes, fixing streetlights, and building pedestrian walkways.

There should also be more signage on the roads to help drivers know where they are going. These signs should be in English and Filipino so everyone can understand them. Moreover, they should be visible, even at night. The government must also develop a better emergency response system. This way, they can quickly and efficiently respond to accidents. A study shows that the majority of car accidents happen on national highways. The government must, therefore, focus on improving those roads.

Road infrastructure projects might also be necessary when traffic starts to worsen. It means adding more lanes or even building new highways. The government must also look into public transportation options to ease traffic congestion.

Educate Motorists On Road Safety

The government must continue to educate motorists on road safety. They can do this through PSAs, social media campaigns, or educational videos. Drivers must know the dangers of speeding, tailgating, and distracted driving.

They should also be aware of the importance of wearing seatbelts and not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The government must also ensure that motorists know how to maintain their vehicles properly.

The Bottom Line

The return to work is a necessary step to revive the economy. However, the government must do its part to ensure the motoring public’s safety. They can do this by increasing traffic enforcement, improving road markings, and repairing infrastructure. Moreover, they should develop a better emergency response system and provide alternative transportation methods. If the government does its part, there will be fewer accidents and less congestion on the roads.

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