Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

Health & Well-Being

Person holding a smartphone in their hand
September 10, 2021 By Staff

Could you live without your smartphone? Would you even want to? While the answer might ultimately end up as ‘no,’ it’s likely that you’ve been tempted to sling your phone into the abyss on more than one occasion. They’re supposed to aid our lives, … Read Article »

People Skills

Employees working on iMacs and a laptop
September 10, 2021 By Staff

As a manager, you want to make sure that your employees are doing their best work. They need to be productive and efficient for the company to succeed. It's tough when they're not meeting expectations. However, there are some things you can do as … Read Article »

House & Home

Person pressing on a smart home speaker
September 10, 2021 By Staff

Many people are familiar with the term "smart home," but not everyone is sure about what it means. To put it simply, a smart home is one that has been designed to be easy to operate and maintain without assistance from professionals. The concept … Read Article »

House & Home

Workman on ladder working on house remodeling
September 10, 2021 By Daniel Martin

Everyone has their ideas of home and what constitutes a cozy feeling. For some, it’s the fluffy pillows in bed, and for others, it’s the spacious living room. There are many ways for a home to be built, and it is all dependent on … Read Article »


School children standing in front of a scenic mountain
September 10, 2021 By Staff

School trips are an anticipated part of the school year for certain students. It’s unlikely, however, that the parents will be the ones planning the trip. It’s normally the responsibility of the school. You could find that you’re now in charge of this. If … Read Article »

Career Development

Macbook, notebook, phone and a plant on a white desk
September 9, 2021 By Gabe Nelson

Time is of the essence when it comes to the hiring process. This process of gaining top talent and the right individuals to fulfill job roles can be time-consuming. It is well known for anyone facilitating the hiring process. There are recruitments, applications, interviews, … Read Article »

House & Home

3D Illustration of a house with scaffolding surrounding it
September 9, 2021 By Staff

If you are thinking about buying a new construction home, then this blog post is for you. Buying a new construction home has many benefits that can be difficult to understand without the right information. In this guide, we will talk about everything when … Read Article »


Dentist chair and light in a dentist office
September 9, 2021 By Staff

There is a lot you should do as a dental practitioner to differentiate your brand from your competitors to increase its chances of success. If you wish to learn more about making your dental practice more successful, please consider the following four points. … Read Article »


Computer screen showing various trading graphs
September 8, 2021 By Staff

There comes a time where you might require organizing your investment strategies. It's a crucial step for any investor in the market. That's why we will discuss a few steps on how you can successfully do so. … Read Article »

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