Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time


Teacher helping a student with their work
December 30, 2021 By Katy Whitton

With the rise of China's influence across Asia, it has never been more important to learn Mandarin. Both Singapore and Malaysia have seen a rise in their citizens studying Mandarin. Malaysia has required students to take Mandarin courses if they want to major in … Read Article »

House & Home

Interior of a mattress store showing a variety of mattresses
December 30, 2021 By Staff

In terms of mattress measurements, a larger one is usually preferable as long as it fits in your space and bed. When purchasing a new bed, one of the most prevalent pitfalls is choosing one that is too tiny. With this simple mattress reference, … Read Article »


Professional cleaning crew using mop buckets
December 29, 2021 By Staff

There are many types of commercial cleaning services in Singapore that you can use to improve the cleanliness of your office space. While a dedicated in-house janitor can help you achieve a high level of cleanliness in your workplace, you should also consider hiring … Read Article »

Travel & Events

Coastline of St. George in Grenada
December 29, 2021 By Staff

It is unfortunate that travel has slowed down due to the pandemic. We were literally caged in our homes for a good two years. However, with the world returning to normalcy, it’s time everyone packs their bags and goes on a much-needed vacation. If … Read Article »


Various US stamps with postmarks
December 29, 2021 By Staff

It’s surreal to know that at some point in history, the fastest way to communicate was through pigeon mail. Now, with the rapid advancement of technology, people may think that society has left behind traditional methods of communication. However, what many don’t know is … Read Article »

Travel & Events

Boats pulled ashore on a beach in Sri Lanka
December 29, 2021 By Jason Scott

Traveling around the world and discovering new activities to try can be a fun and exciting experience for families and travelers. Among the many destinations you can visit, the beach is often the most popular option on that long list. Making the necessary arrangements … Read Article »

Life Hacks

Person planting seedlings in a small flower bed
December 27, 2021 By Sam Bowman

The need to become a more sustainable society is clearer than ever before. Yet, in an age where making the changes to become more sustainable are highly important, many of us are left wondering exactly what we can do that will make a difference. … Read Article »

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