Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time


Commercial real estate building
March 1, 2022 By Staff

Owners of commercial properties love the extra cash flow, the reasonably open playing field, the prosperous economies of scale, the large market, the availability of inexpensive property managers, and the possibility of a significant payoff from their deals. … Read Article »


Close up of a diamond ring with some out of focus diamonds in the background
February 27, 2022 By Staff

The diamond’s brilliance is its most stunning feature. That’s why it’s important to preserve it as much as possible. Everyday activities allow the accumulation of dirt. Shampoo, hairspray, hand soaps, and cooking oils can leave a hazy shine on your jewelry. If your diamond … Read Article »

Life Hacks

Seedlings growing in a propagation tray
February 27, 2022 By Staff

In today's society, we are always in a hurry. We want everything now, and we don't want to wait for it. We are so impatient that we can't even stand to wait in line for more than a few minutes. However, patience is a … Read Article »

House & Home

Person holding a wooden model house in the palm of their hand with house keys hanging from a finger
February 26, 2022 By Staff

House flipping has become increasingly popular, and currently, between 200-250 thousand homes are flipped annually. However, house flipping requires investment making it somewhat risky. Luckily we have some tips for you to help you on your house flipping journey. … Read Article »

People Skills

Woman shaking hands at a job interview
February 26, 2022 By Staff

Human Resources departments are a vital part of any business. They are responsible for ensuring that the workforce is happy and productive, and they often play a key role in recruiting new employees. However, sometimes HR departments can fall into disarray. If your HR … Read Article »

Fashion & Beauty

Doctor performing laser hair removal on a male patient
February 25, 2022 By Staff

Back in the day, men only took care of their attire to look good and refrained from taking care of their skin or grooming needs. The current generation of men, all over the globe, even amidst their busy schedules, take some time out to … Read Article »

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