Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

Career Development

The letters T,E,A,C and H stamped on blocks
August 16, 2022 By Staff

Teaching is the kind of profession that appeals to many people from all different kinds of backgrounds, educational levels, and passions. For many people, teaching really is the best job they could have chosen. In fact, teaching could be the best career choice for … Read Article »


A person wearing safety gear while using tools
August 16, 2022 By Diana San Diego

Because workplace accidents are so common, almost all developed countries have an agency tasked to impose safety and security measures in the workplace. Good safety regulations should protect workers’ and employers’ well-being and financial health. Both should make an effort to minimize risks, which … Read Article »

Office Productivity

Business woman struggling to hold a laptop, folder while looking at her watch
August 15, 2022 By Dijana Milunovic

People get addicted, by definition, trying to boost their dopamine levels, and feel more satisfied and happier, at least for a while. This is why employees prefer focusing on easy-to-complete tasks that offer the instant gratification they crave. By doing this repeatedly they unintentionally … Read Article »

Career Development

Soft skills concept art illustration
August 15, 2022 By Dave Fitzgibbon

Without the right soft skills to complement your technical knowledge, you will find it difficult to succeed in your career. It is very important to carry out self-reflection on your soft skills to enable you to improve on and sell these skills to potential … Read Article »


The words graphic design on a teal background
August 10, 2022 By Staff

This article lists some of the tremendous web-based graphic design tools you can access. A portion of these instruments can do a specific something, yet they can save you time and effort. And as an added bonus, they will help you work almost anywhere. … Read Article »

People Skills

People around a table with a food platter, wine bottles and glasses
August 9, 2022 By Sam Bowman

Hosting an office party in your home isn’t just a great way to climb the career ladder. It offers an opportunity to recognize company milestones or specific employees while having a fun, relaxing time. It’s also a fantastic way to get people out of … Read Article »


Illustration of a person taking an online course
August 8, 2022 By Staff

Whether you're a subject matter expert, a seasoned professional, or you simply want to share your expertise, online course platforms can help you offer your knowledge to your audience remotely. But how do you choose the right platform? Read on to find out … Read Article »


Stack of coins with various sized trees growing
August 8, 2022 By Scott Tepfer

In a time of high gas prices, rising inflation, and an uncertain economic outlook, many people are looking to make more money. While the most obvious way to earn more is to improve on your primary employment (through a raise, promotion, or new job), … Read Article »

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