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Man giving thumbs down
June 12, 2006 By Katy Whitton

An article on the BBC website states a shocking statistic that 97% of website's tested by website Accessibility Agency "Nomensa" are failing the disabled … Read Article »


Let It Snow Wallpaper
June 12, 2006 By Katy Whitton

Here's your weekly wallpaper. I know it's not Friday but I'm off on holiday tomorrow (hoorah - first holiday in 8 years!) and I wanted to check the advanced posting feature I've implemented works, so here it goes! … Read Article »

Productivity News

Question mark on chalkboard
June 12, 2006 By Katy Whitton

So, what's this tagging thing all about? It's the new modern equivalent of the good old fashioned Chain Letter! Although this particular one doesn't tell you you'll have 10 years bad luck if you don't forward it to everyone you know and their next-door … Read Article »


Dark office lit by desk lamp
June 12, 2006 By Katy Whitton

There was an interesting post over at LifeDev (linking to Black Belt Productivity) the other day concerning how trying out new productivity tools can actually make you less productive. I felt moved to comment on the subject (which you can read here), but I … Read Article »

Productivity News

Website displayed on iMac
June 12, 2006 By Katy Whitton

I had my domain registered with my hosting company so of course, if you forget to pay them (whoops), your website goes down and you can't simply point the domain somewhere else such as a page on another site or some free hosting, so … Read Article »

Productivity News

Scrabble tiles spelling out email
June 12, 2006 By Katy Whitton

I've had an email address visible on this blog for a while just to see what would happen and.... nothing. No Spam. Nada. I've encrypted it now all the same, but I found it weird that it was never picked up (not that I … Read Article »

Site News

Woman Giving Thumbs Up
June 12, 2006 By Katy Whitton

The following are a list of the most popular popular things this year (according to the limited stats I have at the moment) ;) … Read Article »

Project Management

Managing Web Projects #11 – The Change Request Form
June 11, 2006 By Katy Whitton

So, you’ve tested the site and are approaching the sign-off phase but before you can jump the last hurdle the client turns around to you and says, “Well actually, I’d like it to do….” You check back through your Technical Requirements Specification and lo … Read Article »

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