Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time


iPhone screen showing unread email count
July 4, 2007 By Katy Whitton

How can we reach a "Mind Like Water" state with our overflowing inbox? Whilst these tips won't be new to everyone, sometimes it's just nice to have a reminder, isn't it? So, here we go! … Read Article »


Sad clown toy
July 3, 2007 By Katy Whitton

You can't complete jobs without certain necessary and required information and sometimes in order to get that information you may have to (shock horror!) ask a question. Sometimes you can figure out the answer for yourself (which can take a looooong time), you may … Read Article »


Laptop with code on the screen
July 3, 2007 By Katy Whitton

I've just found this brilliant little tool that lets you run multiple websites under IIS on Windows XP Pro, 2000 etc. As a developer I often need to run multiple sites and it's a pain to have to shift the root path around this … Read Article »

Project Management

Managing Web Projects #14 – Maintenance Contracts
July 2, 2007 By Katy Whitton

So, the website’s now live. You’ve been paid and the website’s number 1 in Google – every’s happy, right? You betcha! I’m in the money! Oh? That’s nice! But what about the future – for you and your client? Who cares about them? I’m … Read Article »


Wall Clock
July 1, 2007 By Katy Whitton

We have a job clocking in/out system and every hour of our work day has to be accounted for. Whilst this may seem a bit Orwellian, it allows us to work out profits against jobs effectively and also lead me on to today's little … Read Article »

Project Management

Managing Web Projects #13 – Invoicing The Client
July 1, 2007 By Katy Whitton

So now we come to the last phase of the Web Project – Invoicing. Hoorah! I get my money now! Lets hope so! Of course, thanks to your watertight contract you have all of your costs and payment terms laid out, right? How you … Read Article »

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