Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

Family And Relationships

Sleeping baby in a basket
August 11, 2021 By Staff

Being a new parent most of your life revolves around your baby sleeping. You hear advice throughout pregnancy and the new baby stage that, where people say “sleep when the baby sleeps”, “nap when the baby naps”. However, getting your bundle of joy to … Read Article »

House & Home

Bold red kitchen cabinets
August 10, 2021 By Staff

Today we want to share some of the simple ways that you can refresh your home this week and make it look more styled and modern. There are some smaller and bigger projects on this list - but they will all go a long … Read Article »

House & Home

Water filter on a counter top
August 8, 2021 By Staff

Water pollution can occur at any point before the water gets to your faucet and can lead to serious health issues. Without a filter in your home, it’s difficult to ensure the quality of the water you use and consume. But choosing the right … Read Article »

Well Being

Person holding out their hand towards an illustration of a brain
August 7, 2021 By Gabe Nelson

Mental health has been an increasing area of focus as the troubling events of the past couple of years have led to major changes in many people’s lives. Mental health struggles affect millions of people every year and the effects of these kinds of … Read Article »


Franchise with graph showing growth
August 6, 2021 By Staff

If you’re considering a franchise investment, you’re probably wondering how much it costs. Many factors determine the franchise fee, but if you know what to look for beforehand, you can keep costs down. Here are some significant factors that affect the cost of buying and … Read Article »


Two men shaking hands in front of a house sold sign
August 6, 2021 By Staff

Whatever type of business you run, you need to have a successful sales strategy in place to generate a profit. It’s easy to assume that people will buy a product or service based on its quality or its necessity, but this isn’t always the … Read Article »