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Woman Giving Thumbs Up
June 12, 2006 By Katy Whitton

The following are a list of the most popular popular things this year (according to the limited stats I have at the moment) ;) … Read Article »

Project Management

Managing Web Projects #11 – The Change Request Form
June 11, 2006 By Katy Whitton

So, you’ve tested the site and are approaching the sign-off phase but before you can jump the last hurdle the client turns around to you and says, “Well actually, I’d like it to do….” You check back through your Technical Requirements Specification and lo … Read Article »


Notebook, smartphone and laptop
June 11, 2006 By Katy Whitton

Frank Meeuwsen of "What's the next action" has emailed fellow GTD bloggers and asked them to help him celebrate his blog's second birthday by revisiting their GTD practices. … Read Article »

Project Management

Managing Web Projects #10 – Testing the Product
June 10, 2006 By Katy Whitton

Testing is the most important part of the whole web production process. I don’t care what anybody else tells you – listen to me, not them! At a company I once worked for (who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons!), we released a rather … Read Article »

Computer & Software Tips

Illustration of people working on computer
June 10, 2006 By Katy Whitton

I'm terrible when it comes to gizmos, gadgets, software, websites... if it comes along I'll try it! But, pretty soon they all fall by the wayside and I wonder what on Earth possed me to use this at the time. Occasionally though, something comes … Read Article »

Productivity News

Pottey head with geopmetic shapes coming out of it
June 9, 2006 By Katy Whitton

It's not often that I write about myself personally; I guess I find it a little embarrassing. However I have recently been taking an inward look at myself (which is something I don't do nearly often enough) and I thought I'd write about what I've … Read Article »