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Email Isn't Social Media So Don't Use It That Way
February 20, 2018 By Katy Whitton

Are you treating email like it's an extention of social media? If so, you need to stop! Email is a valuable communication medium that works well when certain rules are followed. In this article we look at some things you can do that will … Read Article »

Project Management

Why Prince2 Works For Managing Digital Projects Too
February 19, 2018 By Mark Addison

You might think that Prince2 is just for "Old School" physical projects but the methodology has recently been updated to take into account the need for digital project management. So, whether you're working on the newest social network or next big game or app, … Read Article »


Tedy bear holding roses and heart
February 13, 2018 By Luke Douglas

If you're looking for the perfect last-minute Valentine's gift then we've got you covered! From gym clothes to a pet, there is something for even the most difficult person to buy a gift for. … Read Article »

Computer & Software Tips

Cyber Security Mistakes: Are You Making Them?
February 13, 2018 By Staff

You might think that just because you're a small business that you won't be a target for cyber criminals but you'd be wrong. Any business that has an online presence or connection to the internet is at risk and in this article we take … Read Article »


Live Free: It's Your Life
February 12, 2018 By Staff

As the saying goes "You only have one life, so live it" - but how do you actually do that? In this article we look at some small changes you can make to enable you to become more mentally and emotionally free. … Read Article »


5 Steps to Happiness for Busy Bees
February 12, 2018 By Michelle Laurey

When you run into a friend in the street and ask how they are, do they stop and have a conversation or just "busy" before rushing off on yet another errand? If you're guilty of this then Michelle Laurey has 5 simple tips to … Read Article »

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