Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

Health & Well-Being

7 Lifestyle Changes That Help Beat Work-Stress
June 27, 2018 By Rachael Everly

Work-related stress costs businesses thousands of lost hours and revenue each year. As an employee or manager, it can be really difficult to manage a decent work/life balance so in this article Rachael Everly looks at 7 small changes you can make to help … Read Article »

People Skills

Easy but Helpful Ways To Become An Inspirational Leader
June 26, 2018 By Jennifer Scott

Leadership isn't just about throwing your weight around and shouting order, it's about managing your team and projects effectively, being a good communicator and (perhaps most importantly) being a good listener. In this article Jennifer Scott looks at some simple ways you can improve … Read Article »

People Skills

How To Combat Unacceptable Behaviour In The Workplace
June 23, 2018 By Staff

In light of recent allegations in both Hollywood and in business it's important to take a look at our own businesses to see how we can stop all forms of conflict and harassment. In this article we take a look at how widespread harassment … Read Article »


The Art Of Well Designed Powerpoint Presentation
June 21, 2018 By Paul Campbell

How many boring PowerPoint presentation have you been forced to sit through? I bet you need more than two hands to count them! A great presentation will draw your audience and make them really engaged in what your are saying (and maybe selling) but … Read Article »

Websites & Blogging

Different Ways To Boost Your Online Visibility
June 20, 2018 By Staff

With an online business, it's not just a case of "if you build it, they will come" - you need to work at getting your website noticed by customers. In this article we look at 4 simple ways you can promote your online business. … Read Article »

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