Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

People Skills

Benefits And Challenges Of Friendship In The Workplace
May 9, 2018 By Adela Belin

When you spend most of your week with the same people, you develop a bonding with them. There is a very fine line between friends and colleagues and can often be interchanged. Colleagues at offices that are friendly make office hours enjoyable. Your interests … Read Article »

Career Development

volunteers helping hands
May 8, 2018 By Staff

If you’ve just got out of school and are ready to go after your dream job, or maybe you just want a change of career because you’re bored of your mundane nine to five job – whatever it may be, why not do something … Read Article »

Office Management

5 Hacks To Improve Your Home Office Productivity
May 8, 2018 By David Webb

Do you see yourself coming up with one incredible solution after another in a cramped cubicle with a laptop that takes ages to load a page? The environment in which we do our jobs influences our productivity as much as our own enthusiasm does … Read Article »


4 Ways To Bring Gamification To Learning
May 7, 2018 By Aditya Singhal

Educators are always concerned about finding ways to increase the student engagement in the classrooms. They are continuously molding their teaching methods so that the students can feel confident about what they learn and can stay motivated to do better and better and Gamification … Read Article »

Health & Well-Being

How Naps Can Increase Productivity
May 6, 2018 By Amy Highland

Naps at work are often seen as a sign on laziness but in actual fact they can help boost your productivity. Not convinced? Amy Highland gives you some great reasons why a quick 40 winks could see you getting more done. … Read Article »

Project Management

antelope zebras in plain
May 5, 2018 By Will Haines

Agile. The word evokes images of a racecar zipping around a hairpin turn or a dancer executing a perfect pirouette. It’s sleek, fast, and responsive. At work, being agile can supply you with the perfect response to that tricky sales question or keep you … Read Article »

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