6 tips for remaining productive on a working holiday [Guest Post]
June 8, 2016 By Mark Ellis

If you work for yourself or have a side-business you'll know that it's really difficult to switch off completely during a holiday. In this guest post we take a look at the reasons behind why you might want to carry on working even though you're on the beach - and how best to go about it. … Read Article »

A5 / Filofax Planner

Free June Subscriber Downloads: Calendars & Harry Potter
May 29, 2016 By Katy Whitton

June's free downloads are here for you and we have a handful for you! If you like planning your month and days out then there are some great June calendars for you, and if you're a fan of Harry Potter there's something to stylize your A5 and Happy Planners … Read Article »


The Ultimate Hack to Never Wasting Time Again on Editing PDFs
May 25, 2016 By Sophie Knowles

We all have to edit documents at some point or other. Sometimes it's as easy as editing a Word document (despite the horrendous comment and revision management) and other times you get sent a PDF which is uneditable... right? Well you can edit it now thanks to PDF Pro. Read this guest post to find out how. … Read Article »


College Writing Toolbox For A+ Marks [Guest Post]
May 18, 2016 By Kenneth Waldman

It's getting to that time of year where students are sitting down to write exams and essays. In this guest post Kenneth Waldman provides some great resources for anyone needing to write an essay or long-form piece of prose. … Read Article »