10 Efficient Tactics To Stop Getting Distracted
September 21, 2016 By Rachel Bartee

We all have interruptions in our lives from ringing phones to the pinging of emails, loud co-workers to the workman drilling across the street. In this guest post Rachel Bartee gives you 10 simple solutions to keep your concentration and get your tasks completed faster … Read Article »


How To Regain 10 Extra Hours A Week For More 'Me Time'
September 14, 2016 By Jen Liu

Even Beyonce only has 24 hours in a day but she still manages to get stuff done - and so can you! Did you know you can save 10+ hours a week just by eliminating certain tasks, and streamlining others? Click to find out how you can get some more well-deserved "Me Time". … Read Article »


7 Essential Time Management Tips for Freelance Writers
September 7, 2016 By Dave Mitchell

In this guest post Will Bridges takes a look at 7 tips freelance writers can use to improve their time management techniques. As most freelance writers work from home it's quite easy to get distracted and lose sight of our goals and this post contains some great tips to help you stay on track and get words down on the page. … Read Article »

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Healthy Habits Series: Habit 1 - Choosing and Tracking Habits
September 5, 2016 By Katy Whitton

In this first post in the Healthy Habits series I look at the basics of habit forming and goal setting. I take a look into my search for the ideal goal and habit tracker from Bullet Journals and printouts to online tools and share my thoughts on system I decided on. … Read Article »