Organizing The Perfect Date Night With Your Girlfriends

Organizing The Perfect Date Night With Your Girlfriends


Hanging out with your girl pals is one of the best things in life. But if you want to make things quite different, there are some activity ideas you and your girls may want to try.

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Your girl pals are your chosen family. They were with you when you broke up with your beau. They were with you when you got promoted at your job. Simply put, they are always with you through ups and downs. Every time with them is a blast, so you really love hanging out with them. For your next meet-up or date, you may be thinking of something fun to do with them. You have done shopping a lot of times, and hitting the bars on a Friday night may be getting tired already. Thankfully, there are some fresh and exciting things that you can do over the weekend.

Perhaps, the first thing that you will need to do is to encourage your girlfriends to step out of their comfort zone. Sell the idea well by giving them the pay-offs of the activity. If you are in the process of making the list, here are some event ideas you may want to include:

Organize a brunch

Friday night dinners are great; you set up a fancy table and light some candles. This time, you may want to give your weekly or monthly gathering a twist. Instead of a dinner, why not organise a brunch? This could be a starting point for all of you to become morning persons again. You can invite your friends in the morning to prepare for this day party. Cook omelettes, make some waffles, and squeeze oranges.

Get into sports action

Whether you and your friends are sports buffs or not, now is the right time to rediscover your love for sports. You can go to the gym to do some exercises, or better yet, find a basketball or volleyball courts where you can play a round or two. If you want to get into a new sport, you may want to find a trainer and sports classes. Cap off the tiring yet fulfilling day at a spa with a massage in Pleasant Grove.

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Take wine classes

Hitting the bars is what most adults do. But if you want to take the experience a notch higher, you may want to take your girlfriends to wine classes. Over the weekend, you and your friends can visit a vineyard and see how grapes are pressed to become wine. You will also be taught how to discern wine qualities and pair dishes with these refined spirits.

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Go stargazing

Sounds kiddie or high-school-ish, right? Well, that’s the point. Unleash the kid in you by marvelling at the stars in the sky. You can download guides or rent a telescope to study the stars at night. Better yet, join some hobbyists and groups who are into this.


Hanging out with your best girl pals is one of the most exciting and beautiful things to do in life. You know you are in great company when you are laughing at the same things, thinking of the same future, and enjoying the same activities. Being with them feels like having a new family. Every once in a while, add new activities and pursuits into your existing mix; it is actually healthy.

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