On a High after 'phoning home

On a High after 'phoning home

A British man has set a world record for making the First mobile ‘phone call from the summit of Everest.


I can’t even get a signal in my local pub and this guy can make a call from 8,000 feet or whatever it is???

This is ridiculous, only last week we had a story of how a village could only use their mobile ‘phones from a park bench (and only on the Orange network at that) – apparently they’ve worn it out by standing on it.

With mobile phone company’s trying to push us into mobile TV and using the Internet on your mobile, they have to do better than this surely? They amount they charge for the service you get is ridiculous.

That reminds me, I wonder how much our record breaker’s call cost – I suspect the roaming charges will be horrendous cheeky tongue

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