Moleskine VS PDA – The Continuing Saga

Moleskine VS PDA – The Continuing Saga

So, it’s been a week since I last wrote about my decision to pit my Moleskine against my PDA and I have to say, I’ve failed miserably so far!

HP Ipaq 5550

All my appointments have gone into my phone and all my actions have been written on my to-do list. No PDA has been harmed used in this experiment.

My main problem is that I feel poncy using my PDA in public, then you also have to factor in the danger of loosing it or having it nicked when I’m down my local pub.

I’m still having problems managing certain lists – mainly my lost of blogging software improvements that seem increase daily. So, it looks like I’m back to square one… again!

What I’m thinking is to use something at home to manage my blogging to-dos and keep my Moleskine for work. The only issue with that is that  I then don’t have a truly ubiquitous capture tool to hand

Argh! Decisions, decisions! I’ll keep you all updated in my search for something that works. A reader has recommended Thinking Rock to me. Do you have any more suggestions? Software ideally needs to run on a Mac, and I don’t mind web-based solutions – there’s just too many of them to try! Let us know in the comments or contact me.

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