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How To Supercharge Your Office Productivity In 2018

How To Supercharge Your Office Productivity In 2018

How To Supercharge Your Office Productivity In 2018

The time of strict, uniformed offices is long behind us and an era of creativity is here working its way into every segment of our lives. Apart from creativeness, there is another growing trend. Developing business psychology is trying to find ways to motivate workers and keep them happy and energized throughout every day. Find out below what you can do to enhance your small business by redecorating the offices your workers spend most of their time in.

Declutter And Clean

Did you know that clutter causes stress? The workload can be stressful enough on its own, do not make your workers deal with it in an environment which is also stressful. If you have extra pieces of furniture or really bulky pieces, store them away in a garage somewhere or even better, sell them. You will make better use of the money you make this way than you would of the actual furniture. Also, make sure that the entire space gets cleaned daily. Offices are busy places and having people coming and going, all with their shoes on, can leave you with a lot of dirt and mud which easily becomes dust and germs unless it is taken care of regularly. This will make your workers feel stress-free and safe.


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You can never thoroughly clean a room without doing the interior painting. Only then will your walls look clean. Different colors set different moods and can create different illusions. An easy tip is to make the entire space predominantly bright. You can choose walls and columns you want to accentuate. The dominant colors usually used are neutral white and grey. The rest of the color pattern depends on your business’s image. Make sure your office is recognizable. Businesses usually use the colors to replicate the pattern on their logo. Include murals with your logo and your slogans.


Allow your workers to bring some personal items and decorate their working stations. The lounge area where your people come to eat and unwind should also be personalized and lively decorated. You can use photos from team building activities to make the area more personal. PhotoBoothMe suggests renting photo booths for your parties and other activities as they inspire people to be silly and help create unique photos that they can then put up on the office walls – it’s a great way to add flair to an office space.

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I assume most of your workers spend their time sitting down. This is the reason why you should allow them to choose how they want to spend their time at their desks and ensure they have something comfortable to sit on. Posture is important so obtain adjustable desks and let them decide if they want to sit down or stand up. Provide Pilates balls as certain people prefer using them instead of a chair. Provide a comfortable sofa and beanbags for your lounge area. Obtain decorative storage units to keep your files away and your office clutter-free. If you have customers visiting you, make sure you have a comfortable waiting room and make sure it is lively yet still professional as you want them to feel relaxed but also to take you seriously.

Pay Attention To Lighting

I hope you are lucky enough to have office space with big windows. It is particularly nice if you are able to actually open them and let fresh air in. there is a difference in the quality of air and breeze coming from AC systems and windows. A lot of daylight will help maintain people’s moods and it will keep them feel energized. Install white led lights as they are quite good to support and imitate daylight. Anything but well-lit rooms does not belong in an office.

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All of the changes can be done on a budget and even if you splurge a bit it will still pay off. Every good worker will do their best to achieve the company’s goals. However, indulging them on a subconscious level will subconsciously make their best even better.

Having a warm, welcoming and friendly environment for your employees can work in will really help them to be happy in their work, improve their productivity and make your office somewhere that people want to work.

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