How to run Productive Meetings – Guest post at

How to run Productive Meetings – Guest post at

I’m famous! Well, sort of.

I was asked by the kind folks at Simpleology to write a guest post on running productive meetings which went gone live a couple of days ago over at the Simpleology blog.

If you haven’t heard of Simpleology before basically it’s a series of 40 free lessons (with further paid ones available) taken over the course of 40 days.

The lessons cover a variety of subjects such as:

LESSON 1 The First Law of simpleology – The Law of Straight Lines

LESSON 2 The Second Law of simpleology: The Law of Clear Vision

LESSON 3 The 3rd Law of simpleology: The Law of Focused Attention

LESSON 4 The 4th Law of simpleology: The Law of Focused Energy

LESSON 5 The Scientific Formula for Success

LESSON 6 Step 1:  See Your Target

LESSON 7 Step 2:  Keep it in Your Sights

Each lesson is backed up by a Video and there’s further reference material in the “Virtuosity Handbook”, audio compaion MP3 and daily email reminders.

I have to admit I haven’t had a chance to start the lessons yet – although I have managed to download the course plan. Hopefully I’ll be able to lay into the meat of the course soon and will let you know my full thoughts once I’ve completed it.

So, if you’re interested in the”Simple Science of getting what you want ” check out the Simpleology and don’t forget to checkout my guest post whilst you’re there!

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    “I agree with your points.

    This also goes the same with training programs for employees. Like in one blog of, they shared that if your staff seem a little unhappy to have to attend the training sessions you set up for them, maybe you should take a long hard look at your programs to determine why this is the case. People almost always welcome the opportunity to take a little time out from WORK work even if it


    “Great points. I’ll make sure I’ll remember these for our meetings.”

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