How To Hack CompTIA Exams

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How To Hack CompTIA Exams

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Hardness doesn’t necessarily mean impossibility. Many people have sat for CompTIA examinations and have emerged successful. You are not an exception. All you need is to have a proper understanding of the different ways you can use to pass CompTIA examinations. This piece explores some of the key tricks essential for conquering CompTIA exams. Here is a detailed guideline of some of the tips by

Avoid “Brain Dumps

At times, studying doesn’t guarantee that you will pass your CompTIA exam. The materials you read from determining whether you’ll be successful or not. Among the greatest ways of getting ready for your CompTIA exams is to go for official textbooks within the area. Some pros are well established in the sector. Going for materials written by such people can also be of some help.

Brain dumps usually come in the form of posting questions with included answers just after an exam. This s the best place for you to get your answers. However, it can be worse as well. With such content, you are not sure whether your answer is right or wrong. This is because most cases don’t provide proof of the answers,

Keep the test objectives at your fingertips

While sounds of no much help, it is critical to understand that acquainting yourself with test objectives can help you handle CompTIA exams. It lets you understand your speed when moving through the material of the study or the test itself. Time is an important factor when it comes to tests. So knowing where you are and the amount of effort you need to incorporate is just essential for you.

Understand yourself

It’s of great importance to understand yourself as a student. This is because learners use different ways of studying. There are those kinds of learners who jot down short notes to get the content at home, and there are those who just have to read extensively. Therefore, it’s essential to have an understanding of the kind of learner you are to identify possible ways and tricks of preparing for your CompTIA exams.

5 Tips For More Productive Study Time

5 Tips For More Productive Study Time

We all have 24 hours in a day. Quite a large chunk of this goes into sleeping, and then there is eating and being with family. That leaves all of us with just a few hours for getting things done each day, including studying. If you are juggling studies with work, it means your time is divided even further, so you have fewer hours to put into study. In this article we look at 5 tips to help you make the most of your study time.

Set up a Network

You should specifically do this when it comes to the Network+ exam. Sometimes, it’s pressurizing and daunting to have your work done, but you have to conduct all these practicalities. The theory is part of learning; you should not just confine yourself to it. It’s also essential to try out some practicalities by setting up a network or computer of your own.

Keep practicing

Practicing will end up with perfection. Therefore, practicing almost every exam inclusive of Security+ and Network+ means that you will handle your CompTIA exam without having to strain.

Avoid strange exam questions

Sometimes, questions we have never handled or come across can always be tedious and demanding. But some of them are also optional. It is important to avoid these questions because they are likely to take a lot of time out of your exam period. If these random questions are optional and you can’t answer them without a lot of thought or effort, avoid them and focus on a question you can do effectively.

Most importantly, always be ready for questions based on performance for the CompTIA exam; be keen on key terms such as “best,” “least” and more. Furthermore, you can always consider joining online communities for CompTIA exams and create an organized study plan. Also, have a proper understanding of the common tricks incorporated in multi-choices, and treat yourself well just before the exam.


Exams often pose stress and anxiety to leaners. Even though you might be considering a CompTIA exam tough for you, you can always find it easy using some of the tips discussed above. Consistent adherence to the tips will see you excelling in different ways.

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