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How To Choose A Fan For Your Home Office

How To Choose A Fan For Your Home Office

How To Choose A Fan For Your Home Office

Are you looking for a fan to keep you cool and productive in your office?

There are few things so distracting as being uncomfortably hot in your working environment, and it can have a huge impact on your output! Finding a fan for your home office can be tough and there are a few things to consider, as explored in this article.

Choosing the Type of Fan

One consideration you can’t ignore is the type of fan.

There are a few different styles, all of which have their own features. Some of them will be more appealing than others. It can be easy to assume that in a home office, desk fans can sit next to you or alongside your computer, and are a decent option, but there are others too.

A tower fan will have a vertical design and often the cooling mechanism will run all the way along the fan. These can provide a lot of cooling power.

Floor fans are another option, these usually have a pole. The head of the fan will be similar to the desk fans but the fact that they are mounted on a pole means you can use floor space instead of valuable desk space and have more options for moving the fan around.

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Buy Something Which is Built to Last

Some of the fans on the market don’t have the best build quality.

Fans can be made relatively cheaply and while they might do the job in the short term, it is a waste of money to purchase a fan which is going to break after a brief period of time.

The chances are, the fan will be on a lot, possibly whenever you’re in your home office, so don’t take the risk of a flimsy fan. In these top tips for staying productive working at home, solid equipment is recommended for making a productive home office.

Always Read the Reviews

We live in an age of transparency!

If a product is sub-standard then there isn’t really a way that the manufacturer can hide this, once it is available on an online retailer then the consumers can start to leave reviews.

A quick look at either desk fan reviews or tower fan reviews can find summaries of the top products in the market. Be sure to check out the average customer reviews so you can see what those who have purchased the product say about it.

Avoid Noise (Or Don’t)

The idea of a droning noise while you work might be a truly frightening thought and can be distracting for you.

A fan will almost always emit some sort of noise. What might surprise you is that this noise can actually often be helpful rather than a hindrance. The ‘white noise’ sort of effect can often help people to relax, and this may be conducive to getting more work done.

Some people like to have the radio or television on as background noise while they work, some prefer absolute silence. The noise of a fan can actually be pretty helpful to enable you to switch off from distractions and get more done.

Extra Features

There are plenty of features to think about as well as the design and the reliability of each fan. Think about how many different speed options you might need based on how much the temperature can vary in your home office. It may be that once your computer and other equipment start to warm up, you need to turn the fan up!

Choose whether you need a fan that can rotate or not, bearing in mind that this can be one more thing to break if you don’t buy the best quality fan.

Remote controls can also be an option for giving easy control over the fan, especially if you opt for a model which doesn’t sit on your desk. You may also want to look at a fan which is built for air circulation to adequately cool your whole room rather than just one area. Some fans even have auto shut off features, but these are mainly useful as sleep timers.


Have you enjoyed our home office fan tips? Feel free to comment and share with your opinions and experiences with fans for home offices.

Featured image: Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash
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