How To Achieve A Super-Clean, Organised And Clutter-Free Bedroom

How To Achieve A Super-Clean, Organised and Clutter-Free Bedroom
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Bedroom furnishing is not an easy task. The room should be cozy, charming, but practical and comfortable, and to combine all these things is not easy at all. Especially if the room is small. Here are some tips to help in solving the problem.

A place under the bed

Most often, bed occupies most of the spacebed. If possible, use the area under the bed. There you can store different things or bedding. True, according to Feng Shui, one should not keep things under the foundation for a long time. The main thing that did not have time to form a layer of dust. You can place wicker baskets next to the bed, drawers or upholstered furniture, on which you can put a morning robe.


Often women prefer to store jewelry in the bedroom. One box may not be enough for you, so you can allocate space on the wall or hang many hooks. As a result, you will be able to save space and time to choose jewelry.



Open shelves with curtains along the walls allow you to store things without creating a feeling of clutter. This solution will enable you to avoid unnecessary elements in your design. Besides, the color of the curtains will produce the desired mood.

Dirty washing

The bedroom should have a place to store dirty laundry unless you have the habit of immediately sending it to the bathroom. To sweater, dress, socks and other things do not roll anywhere; you must provide a separate basket or box. By the way, this idea is also useful for those who do not have enough space in the bathroom for a dirty laundry box.

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Night table

Many people think that the night locker is only an addition to the interior, but in fact, it is essential to store different little things. The cabinet should not be too big or too small to have enough space for everything.

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A place to read

If you like to read before bedtime, make sure that your reading material is in a convenient location. It may be a small shelf, the surface above the bedside table or a separate basket, drawer or tripod. Such elements will bring diversity to your interior.

A windowsill

On the window to the bedroom often do not pay particular attention, and this is not only a source of light but also an essential element of the interior. Put houseplants on the windowsill, and if the width allows, put pillows so that you can comfortably enjoy the view from the window.


Bedroom area

If the bedroom is large, and in addition to the bed there is a dressing table, a large closet, and other furniture, you should think about the separation of zones. A light canopy or curtain can hang above the bed. It will give the bedroom a romantic touch. Curtains suspended from a bar can also separate the sleeping area.

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