Google Analytics – Short Review

Google Analytics – Short Review

Well, it’s taken 4 days but Google Analytics have finally kicked in. The amount of options available to look at is mental!

Firstly, you can register multiple domains so all your stats can be housed together and easily browsed which is hand.

The first view, as seen below, shows visits and page views, new & returning visitors, geo locations,  and visits by source (click to enlarge).

The second page shows breakdown by keywords.

And finally web stats with this view showing browsers (you can view screen resolution, platform etc.). All I can say is yeay! FireFox users!

I think it’s going to take me a while to get my head around all of this (especially the Goals and Conversion rates – See Google Adwords for a few more details)

Still, it looks pretty!

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    “Is this an invite-only service like Gmail at present?
    Looks incredible though – have been lookign for statistics packages!”


    “As far as I’m aware it’s open to everyone, although for me it realised I have a GMail account and used that automatically (which is odd as Adsense doesn’t let me swap to my GMail to give unified login across all Google Sites).

    I’ve still got plenty of GMail invites left though if anyone’s interested…”

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