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General Freight Trucking: Good Trucking Jobs And Lots Of Them

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General Freight Trucking: Good Trucking Jobs And Lots Of Them Staff
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Working as a truck driver has many advantages, but one that is often overlooked is the breadth of employment that can be done with a CDL. There are various distinct types of truck driving occupations that differ from what most people think of when they think of a truck driver.

The following is a list of the highest-paying trucking jobs in the United States right now. Please keep in mind that pay for trucking occupations and CDL jobs varies by state, and the list below will help you find the right trucking job.

Dry Van Hauler

The majority of professional drivers begin their careers transporting dry van loads. The rectangular trailers towed by semi-trucks are known as ‘Dry Vans.’ They’re usually packed with dry, easy-to-transport products in pallets or crates. Dry van trailer drivers are usually not obliged to unload the products they’ve hauled themselves.

Freight Hauler

Freight hauling is a sort of truck driving duty that encompasses all locations and cargo that do not fall within the dry van hauling banner. Freight transporters may be required to convey dangerous, liquid, or enormous cargo that dry haulers are not permitted to transport.

Hauler With Flatbed

Another form of transportation service that is frequently ignored is flatbed hauling. Flatbed carriers transport dry goods or machines that are too huge or difficult to fit inside a dry van trailer on their open-air trailer.

Because the loads are frequently oddly shaped or enormous, the journey to their destination will be more challenging and need more expertise and experience.

Flatbed carriers must be pros at securing awkwardly shaped cargo. Flatbed transporters are frequently paid more than dry van haulers due to the danger inherent in this type of transport.

Tanker Hauler

A tanker transporter is one of the most hazardous and in-demand trucking services available today. Companies are willing to pay top bucks for drivers who are willing to take on the risk of transporting liquids on the road.

Tanker transporter drivers must be able to effectively manoeuvre their vehicles. The liquids that tanker haulers transport can be either non-hazardous or hazardous, which implies that if the latter is the case and something goes wrong, drivers must be able to react swiftly.

Refrigerated Hauler

Refrigerated freight requires a unique type of truck driver. Some hauls will feature frozen shipping containers because the items being transported must maintain a specific temperature, and the truck driver must be able to meet specific time and distance criteria.

Even though the haul is being transported in a temperature-controlled trailer, the driver must be vigilant in delivering the cargo to its destination as promptly as possible. A refrigerated truck driver is paid more than a dry hauler since he or she must be able to effectively set and check the temperature of their trailer.

Wrapping Up

You might not think of trucking as a first choice for a job, but we hope this article has shown that there are many different opportunities available. A lot of people might think that freight is either just delivering goods to a store, or long cross country runs and that’s not the case! The need for freight haulage industry is growing year-on-year so you don’t want to miss out a massive opportunity.

If you’re looking to change your career then you might want to think about looking into a haulage career which might not be your first choice but is an in demand occupation and will be for some time.

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