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Easy Tips To Create More Space Around Your Home

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Easy Tips To Create More Space Around Your Home Staff
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Over time, clutter can build up in your home and make it look messy. If you have children, you’ll know all too well how much space their belongings can take up, from toys to clothing, not to mention pushchairs and changing stations. However, your home doesn’t have to feel messy, even if you do have a full house! If you’re looking to create more space in your home, whether it’s for decor reasons or you’re overloaded with belongings, take a look at these easy tips to create more space around your home.

Use The Six Month Rule

Your home may look full and cluttered because that’s exactly what it is! However, sometimes throwing things away can be difficult, especially if you’ve got the “what if I need it” mindset. Take some time to sort through everything. Not only will this give you a chance to neaten things up, but you can ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last six months. If the answer is no, consider donating or selling those belongings to create more space in your home. You may find that you’ve been clinging on to lots of belongings that you’ve not used for many years!

There are some exceptions to this rule, like holding onto pieces of furniture or equipment in case you need it in the future, like a pushchair for example. In these cases, consider storing it away in your loft or finding external storage space to store these items.

Build Or Buy Wall Shelf Units

If your home doesn’t have much built in storage, then create some! You can get a Wall storage from to fit all or part of a wall and create tons of extra space. Alternatively, if you’re DIY handy, you could build your own storage space to fit your room and complement the decor. For example, if you have a chimney breast with sunk back walls either side, you could build shelving units with doors to store away those belongings you don’t want on view 24/7.

Think About Your Furniture Placement

Sometimes the arrangement of your furniture can make your room look smaller! For example, if you have a living room/diner, you may have divided the room into two using your sofa as a “wall” between the two rooms. Consider changing the arrangement of your room and opening up the space to combine them again to create more space in your home.

You may also consider buying furniture that has multiple uses. If you have small bedrooms for example, buying a bed that can transform into a desk space or play area will make the furniture multifunctional and help save tons of space in your home.

Buy Furniture With Built In Storage

Finally, a great way of storing things away neatly is by buying furniture with built in storage like an ottoman! Alternatively, you could store things under your bed or couch until you need them. You can use dust ruffles to hide unsightly boxes underneath your furniture!

As you can see, a small home doesn’t mean you can’t have the space you need. Use these tips to create more space in your home!

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