May Motivational Wallpaper – Yoda

So back in 2015 for “May The 4th Be With You” day I wrote an article entitled “Do Or Do Not…. There Is No Try : Why Yoda Can Harm Your Productivity” In that post I argued that Yoda was wrong as trying is just as good as – if not more important than doing. Do you know what? I think I got it wrong. Yes, I am admitting I may have made a mistake! I think I side with Yoda after all. If you try something and you think you’re not going to be any good at it you’ll end up only making a half-hearted attempt. That way if you do fail you haven’t emotionally invested in the task too much and feel better with the “I told you so” moment you get when you don’t succeed. I initially figured that trying was actually the same as doing but it’s not! Not by a long shot! If I “do” something, even if I’m doing it badly I am putting effort into the task. That effort leads to an emotional involvement in the outcome and so I become more likely to up my game and do the best I possibly can, learning and improving from my mistakes In a way if I “try” something then I’m chancing my arm with the outcome, I’ve accepted that failure is an option so I’m not going to try as hard on the off-chance the worst case scenario strikes. That way I don’t feel like I’ve wasted too much time or effort, but by the same token I haven’t given it my best shot. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “Sorry, Yoda!” Last year when I slated your little speech I got completely the wrong end of the stick – or should that be lightsaber? Doing is much more important than trying – as long as what you’re doing is working towards your goal rather than merely postponing the outcome.

What So You Think? Try Or Do?

Which is the most important trait? So we just “try” stuff or “do” stuff? Is there really a difference?

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