June Motivational Wallpaper [Quote By Sam Keen]

June 2016 Motivational Wallpaper
This month’s wallpaper features a quote by Sam Keen. Usually I will put some form of thought-provoking or motivational quote on the wallpaper but for the next couple of months we have permission to take a little break as it’s summer which is (if you are luck to actually experience a summer which we rarely get in the U.K) the height of laziness! According to Wikipedia, Sam Keen was born in 1931 and is a noted American author, lecturer and philosopher. There isn’t a huge amount on information on him on his Wikipedia page which is quite unusual for someone who has a reasonable volume of work. I have to admit I found the quote via Brainy Quotes when I was looking for something inspirational (or excuse giving!) for the summer months and there’s very little about him on the internet full stop. You can however read a great interview between Keen and Scott London here and learn that it’s never too late to take up the trapeze and perhaps learn something new about your own outlook on life.

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