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Do you struggle to remember the usernames and passwords you use to sign in to different website? I know I do! We're constantly beiong told that we shouldn't be using the same username and password combinations for all the sites we visit but trying to remember which username and password combination you use where can be a pain. With the Password Tracker Kit you can keep all of your usernames and passwords safe in your planner and look them up when you need to. What you will receive ------------------------------------------------------- 1 zip file containing 3 PDFs - 1 Divider (you can chose which tab position to use) - 1 Left Page Tracker List - 1 Right Page Tracker List This password tracker is suitable for the Happy Planner and A5 Planners, please see the readme.txt file contained in the zip archive for printing instructions, paper tips and how to contact us if you have an issue or suggestion

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