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Does Medicare Cover Dental?

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Dental care is essential to healthy living and can also play an important role in your overall health. But many people struggle to afford dental coverage because of the high cost of these services, and millions of Americans do not have access to affordable dental plans. However, you can get cheap dental insurance for Medicare beneficiaries if you know where to look. Luckily, there are several different ways that you can qualify for dental coverage through Medicare plan options.

What You Should Know About Medicare Dental Coverage

Before diving into the various ways to get dental coverage through Medicare, it is essential to understand how it works on the Medicare plan. There are two main types of dental coverage offered under Medicare plans: If you have Original Medicare, you will have access to dental coverage through a Part B plan. If a Medicare Advantage plan covers you, you may also have dental coverage. Remember that dental coverage under Medicare is not the same as dental insurance. Instead, Medicare Part B dental coverage will pay for your dental services at reduced rates. The amount that Medicare will pay for your dental services depends on whether the provider is part of the plan network. Medicare will pay 80% of the services if the dentist is in your network. If the dentist is not in your network, Medicare will pay only a tiny portion of the bill.

How To Qualify For Free Dental Care Through Medicare

While most people will have to pay for dental coverage, some qualify for free dental care through their Medicare plan. If you are an Early Medicare beneficiary, you may qualify for dental coverage through a Special Needs Plan (SNP). The SNP is a government program that provides free health care to people who are disabled or have a terminal illness. In many cases, terminal illnesses include heart disease, lung disease, and certain cancers. If you have been diagnosed with one of these diseases, you may be eligible for free dental coverage. Remember that the SNP typically only caters to those who have already been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Low-Cost Dental Plans For Medicare Beneficiaries

If you do not qualify for free dental coverage through an SNP, there are a variety of low-cost dental plans that you can purchase to help cover your dental costs. While these low-cost dental plans will not qualify as insurance, they will provide you with discounted dental services. In most cases, these dental plans will cost you between $30 and $80 per month. You may wonder why these plans are so cheap, especially when dental plans can be so expensive. The reason is that these plans are not dental insurance; therefore, they are not regulated by state insurance departments. Because these plans are not regulated, they do not have to abide by the same standards as dental insurance.

Strategies To Help You Save On Your Dental Costs

It is important to note that regardless of how you qualify for dental coverage through Medicare, you will still have to pay a portion of the cost. While Medicare will cover 80% of the cost of dental services, you will have to pay at least 50% of the price yourself. This can put a severe dent in your pocketbook, especially if you need lots of dental work. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can help reduce the cost of dental care and save on your dental expenses.

Shop Around for the Best Dental Providers: It is important to remember that all dental providers are not created equally. While many dental providers will accept you as a patient, not all providers will offer you the same quality of service. Dental providers have a wide range of quality and costs as with other medical services. You can save on your dental expenses by shopping around for the best dental providers in your area and comparing prices and costs.

Take Advantage of Dental Discount Programs: Another way to lower dental care costs is to take advantage of dental discount programs. These dental discount programs offer reduced prices on dental services such as cleanings, teeth whitening, and fillings. Many of these programs are free, and you can find them online.

Reporting Requirements

Before submitting an application for dental coverage through Medicare, you must first report your current dental condition to the Social Security Administration. You may be able to receive additional funds or coverage through Medicare if you are currently receiving disability benefits. You can report your dental condition in one of two ways online or by phone. The online reporting system is straightforward and takes a few minutes to complete.


While dental care is an essential part of healthy living and can also play an important role in your overall health, it is often costly. You can get affordable dental coverage through Medicare if you know where to look. There are several ways you can qualify for dental coverage through Medicare plans, and you can also take advantage of dental discount programs to help lower the cost of dental care.

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